Beauty in the Riot Releases New Song “If I Follow”

Beauty in the Riot Releases New Song "If I Follow"

“Beauty in the Riot preparing to record. (2021)”
Following the launch of songs such as “Little Demon”, and “You’re Mine”, Beauty and the Riot is giving fans even more meaningful inspiration with their new release: If I Follow ft Seth Dye.

After receiving positive feed back on the last release “Little Demon”, Beauty and the Riot just released a brand new emotionally driven song called “If I follow”, which is about love, loss, mental health and the different sides of pain. Beauty in the Riot, formally known as Yasmin Soul, is a soulful and multifaceted music artist hailing from Toronto, Canada. She has released songs such as “Little Demon”, and “You’re Mine”, which received positive feedback by fans and friend’s alike. The name Beauty In The Riot comes from Yasmin’s own life, which has been a riot… But that’s the point. Throughout the pain and suffering that she has experienced first hand, Yasmin found the beauty. Like in a riot, there are people who get hurt, and you might get hurt yourself, and experience trauma, but the beauty in an actual riot, is what the people are standing and rioting for.

Beauty In The Riot is a statement, that despite the difficult issues and debacles that life throws ones way, the only right choice is to fight through the negative moments, to find joy in the positive ones. Beauty in the Riot has been through a lot, she has been the consoled and the consoler, she has been the the crier, and the tissue hander. Through her life experiences, Beauty in the Riot has earned priceless experience as well as perspective; and now she is channeling all of her emotions into her music, which she hopes to inspire and cheer people up with.  She grew up along side her father Jack Soul, who was well known in the music industry, especially in Canada. She saw her father perform with huge artists such as James Brown

In 2019, Beauty in the Riot experienced tremendous loss, losing her father (JackSOUL), and her best friend, dealing with the grief of losing two of the most important people in her life. One year later, her partner at the time also passed away, which left Beauty facing a torturous amount of loss; and thus launched her ghastly metamorphosis. Beauty in the Riot has since given her all to music, going completely in, and giving every iota of her passion to the songs she creates, and to the people that are listening.  Beauty in the Riot has an incredible message, and an incredible story, so be sure to check out her newest heartfelt song, as well as her other releases, past and present!

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