The Featured REA becomes the leading press release writing platform for real estate professionals

The real estate market is extremely competitive. We help you stand out to create an authoritative reputation by having hundreds of publications cover your story.

The real estate market is booming, which is causing high demand and competition for homeownership. This directly correlates to the high demand and competition for real estate professionals. The best way to stand out from the competition and leverage your demand is to be seen online using digital marketing. Press Release is the optimal digital marketing tactic because it creates digital exposure while affiliating you with the top news outlets. Being affiliated with these outlets gives people instant authority and credibility. 

Max Kropman pursued the world of digital public relations in order to change the narrative of real estate professionals to give them that authority and credibility they deserve. After focusing on many aspects of digital marketing, he believes that press release is the way to expose digital content that real estate professionals want to share with their potential customers. 

Suppose potential customers already know what they are looking for and can view digital content in a few clicks. In that case, real estate professionals generate a target audience and build brand awareness without wasting time doing outreach. These benefits are the main reason why Max Kropman decided to create his own business.

The Featured Real Estate Authority, or The Featured REA, is a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating press releases for real estate professionals. They have expertise in writing and distributing press releases to spread knowledgeable and honest real estate content. 


Max saw the lack of digital content and exposure for real estate professionals in an oversaturated market. He also understood that the top brokerages and agents had a large following and were featured in the news. Therefore, he wants to affiliate real estate professionals with networks like Market Watch, Digital Journal, Benzinga, Fox, ABC, CBS, and hundreds of others. He believes affiliation with these networks creates instant credibility and produces a Real Estate Authority amongst the competition.

It is also a proven fact that having newsworthy articles makes it easier to be verified on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. If real estate professionals have digital content that can offer information and answer questions their potential customers have, they will attract a large following. 

Furthermore, with The Featured REA, if one is serious about building a digital presence and creating brand awareness by sharing real estate knowledge, a press release created by Max Kropman and his agency is guaranteed to do this. 

About The Featured REA:

It is a digital platform that exposes dependable real estate knowledge to a mass audience to provide value and content people can learn from and help them through the process of major real estate transactions. They establish authority, create exposure, and help to reach celebrity status.

Determined real estate professionals can contact Max Kropman via LinkedIn, Instagram (Maxkropman_tfr), and email.  Become the authority with The Featured REA.

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