The Tunnel Landmark | Sansi Lit up the First Tunnel of the Yellow River

After the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge subsea tunnel, Xiamen Haicang tunnel and other large subsea tunnels lighting projects were completed. Shanghai Sansi lit up the first tunnel of the Yellow River in Jinan also known as Jiluo Road Tunnel at the end of September. 

The largest shield tunnel “Yellow River Tunnel” in Jinan was officially completed and opened to the public at the beginning of October 2021. The Yellow River Tunnel in Jinan, China also known as Jiluo Road Tunnel, is the first tunnel hotline that integrates highways and subways.


During the historic infrastructure project period, various problems such as the relative silt deposits leftover from flooding of the yellow river. Large tunnel cross-sectional areas were developed by the professional construction team. The Jiluo Road Tunnel greatly strengthens the connection between the new city in northern Jinan and the main urban area. Improving the comprehensive functions between the new cities, and opened the first tunnel of the Yellow River in Jinan also known as Jiluo Road Tunnel in the new era of underwater crossing.


Shanghai Sansi provided tunnel lighting, landscape lighting and canopy display products and system solutions for the Yellow River Tunnel with a number of innovative technologies, products and system design solutions to support the safe construction and operation of the First Tunnel of the Yellow River.

The Breathtaking Yellow River “Starry Sky Tunnel”

When vehicles pass through the tunnel with the illuminated starry sky dome, which is particularly spiritual driving experience for people. Against the pure blue background and soft & comfortable tunnel lights, it greatly improves driving comfort and safety. Pedestrians have felt the roots of the Yellow River culture in the starry sky tunnel as the main channel area of the Yellow River.


Shanghai Sansi has customized a complete set of LED tunnel lighting system solutions for the Yellow River Tunnel. Resulting in all applied lights are guaranteed to be used for a long time. Their extremely high durability ensures their long lifespan.

Sansi makes an appropriate lighting plan through accurate simulation calculations according to the characteristics of the topography, tunnel width, ground and wall materials of the Yellow River Tunnel. Creating lights with corresponding enhanced lighting at the entrance section, transition section, and exit section to improve driver safety and visual comfort, assisting the self-developed intelligent lighting control system with the prominent advantages of operation management. The project applies the large-scale application of reflective luminescence technology and ceramic heat dissipation tunnel lights to create a high-quality, superior, comfortable and energy-saving tunnel lighting environment.

3500„é°outdoor “sky curtain” LED display

The elegant arc-shaped outer top of the Yellow River Tunnel is also surrounded by giant customized LED modular screen from Sansi, this super-large “outdoor sky screen” is composed of 118 channels with a total area of 3,500 square meters. When illuminated, the light and shadows intertwine illuminating the sky above, generating a spectacular sky effect; the integration of the high-tech sound, light, energy and control system manifested through the bright lights and shadow show, produce a magnificent sky display in Jinan.


Ceramic heat dissipation technology customized for the unique Yellow River environment

Sansi provides a series of ceramic heat dissipation LED lighting products with a high-strength aluminum frame, stable and reliable heat dissipation performance; high refresh rate and high level of grayness performances, which ensure that the lighting products are reliable and durable in extreme circumstances for tunnels approaching entrances and toll stations.

The anti-fall design of SANSI’s Tunnel lights, reduces the structural load of the street light, enhancing the safety performance, and guarantees safer tunnel traffic.

One of Sansi’s core technologies, the independently developed ceramic heat dissipation pixels contain a hollow structure, faster heat dissipation, high luminous efficiency, longer lifespans. Having been widely applied around the world and performing perfectly domestically, in regional harsh climates & and difficult environmental areas.


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