Peculiar Produce Children’s Book Introduces Social Inclusion and Body Positivity to New Readers

The Alphabet Book exposes youngsters to the diversity found throughout the natural world of fruits and vegetables.

The newly published Peculiar Produce: The Alphabet Book takes a simple and vibrant approach to the complex concepts of multi-culturalism, healthy eating, and body inclusivity for early language learners. As a reading and language primer, the book spans a range of grade levels and is designed to be returned to again and again at various stages of learning.

The book’s lush colors and accessible shapes are engaging for young people and adults alike. The book’s cast ignites curiosity and sparks authentic conversations between children and their caregivers. The author and illustrator successfully assembled a motley crew of simple and silly characters. From Ashanti the “active Asparagus” to Izumi the “interesting Ice Cream Bean”, they help readers explore the shapes and actions of these easy-going edibles while learning about affirming words, uplifting attitudes, body positivity, and healthy living.

Parents, educators, and schools are using Peculiar Produce to help children learn about language, other cultures, and everything from shopping to nutrition, to gardening—all the while imparting subtle lessons about how to live inclusively in a world full of diversity. Using an alphabet book format, the slim volume is primed to become a bookshelf staple. Each character’s alliterative verse can be read over and over for entertainment, or to explore some of the more aspirational vocabularies as a young reader grows.

Whether introducing a child to their ABCs, supplementing a classroom curriculum, or building a school’s library, Peculiar Produce is essential reading for people of all ages interested in learning about healthy lifestyles. Peculiar Produce the Alphabet Book and the companion Peculiar Produce the Alphabet Coloring Book are available at major online retail and wholesale outlets.

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