Noor Marketing – Ecommerce Growth Agency That Puts Their Clients First

Noor Marketing is a Canadian results-driven eCommerce growth agency that is fully committed to delivering all-encompassing growth solutions to its clients.

According to statistics provided by Shopify, “the global eCommerce market is expected to total $4.80 trillion in 2021.” The market is growing steadily and rapidly, especially due to the fact that the majority of businesses globally started embracing digital transformation and optimizing their online stores.

Approaching the global eCommerce market requires the ability of a brand to become and remain competitive, as well as the ability of a business to scale and retain the momentum for as long as possible.

Noor Marketing, a Canadian eCommerce growth agency is among the most forward thinking eCom growth companies in the Western hemisphere, offering dependable services, a unique results driven process, and more importantly, a guarantee of success in terms of results.

The process that makes Noor Marketing different from its contemporaries is the fact that they put their clients first and truly partner up with them to deliver the best possible results.

“We’re not just another agency that treats their clients like another number, our team only work with a handful of eCom brands at any given time to ensure their success and stable growth. Client statisfaction and retention is everything for us and we know the best way to do that is provide our clients with the best service imaginable”

Noor Marketing’s eCommerce growth system is based on paid ad management, creative, influencer marketing, e-mail & SMS marketing, and conversion rate optimization.

As the agency states, truly understanding customers and how their products solve their problems and help them achieve their desires are the foundation of all successful marketing strategies, upon which the livelihood and trajectory of any eCommerce business largely depend:

“Our first step is to fully understand your brand, your products, and its benefits, its unique selling points, and why your customers need it. We analyze your ideal customers to fully understand what their pain points and desires. We take a look and analyze what your competitors and industry leaders are doing to ensure that our strategy is about the curve.”

After thorough and thoughtful research, building an efficient campaign and deciding a strategically beneficial launch date take place. Most brands could pass through the initial stages unscathed with little external help, but most fail to actualize their potential – this is typically a side-effect of poor growth strategies.

Noor Marketing offers customer-specific, tailored eCom growth solutions, relying on artificial intelligence, foundational marketing principles and their extensive expertise within the eCommerce space:

“The first rule of scientific advertising is to never make marketing decisions based on emotions. Instead, data must be used for that. Using the data we’ve been collecting and measuring during the testing phase, we are now able to select and scale the ads that have been performing the best.”

Scaling eCom brands is a continuous process. Noor Marketing will continue to track the progress of their client’s ads and campaigns, making adjustments when needed. The agency is one of the few result-centric marketing agencies that dismiss anything short of complete success.

In that light, Noor Marketing guarantees results and offers clients their money back should they not be satisfied. More information about Noor Marketing and its services can be found on the agency’s official website.

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