VIEW OK Reusable Anti-Fog Cloth has been released in the States

Markets all over the world has quite changed because new needs from customers exists. As winter comes, people with glasses mainly struggle with unclear views because of fogging, especially since the pandemic has started last year, they are complaining not only for the inconvenience of wearing masks, but also for fogging glasses.

VIEW OK, the brand of anti-fog cloth from NanoEcoWay Co., LTD was released based on the 7 years researching and developing one of a kind functional coatings or materials on its own to satisfy consumers’ needs. Unlike other manufacture firms having factories located in foreign countries, VIEW OK has its factory nearby and the quality of products get controlled and checked every time during the production strictly, so it is more reliable and faster to reflect feedbacks from consumers.

There are various manufacturing firms producing anti-fog cloth at the moment, but the unique parts of VIEW OK Reusable Anti-Fog Cloth are, they are dry type so you can use the cloth as any other glasses cloth, and also hydrophobic or super hydrophobic coated lenses can be perfectly covered.

Usually, special coated lenses like hydrophobic ones have lower surface tensions, which means the surface of the glasses is so slippery that any dusts or water are hardly able to stay and keep the form on the glasses. In other words, the lower the surface tension is, the harder to put anti-fog function on the glasses.

VIEW OK however can cover such lenses like hydrophobic coated lenses, UV protection, Blue light protection lenses and so on. Plus, the safety of the product is guaranteed authorized by SGS, the global testing, inspection, and certification firm.

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