Emaxta teams up with famous artist Samklef to scale up AfroBeat to next level in the USA with new single

Power dup, Emaxta and Samklef, have joined hands to bring the new anthem of Afro Beat scene with new single.

Houston, Texas, November 16, 2021: The Afro Beat scene in the USA is all set to reach new heights. Leading Houston-based record label company Emaxta Records has recently partnered with Award-winning producer cum songwriter and artiste Samklef to transcend the Afro Beat space in the country to the next level through Samkelf’s latest single “Bright Star”.

Bright Star” was released on November 5, 2021.

“We are excited to share with you all that this time we have teamed up with none other than the great Samklef to spruce up the Afro Beat scene in the country. As part of our bonhomie, we have recently released his new single, ‘Bright Star’. The AfroBeat genre has evolved by leaps and bounds and it’s about time for the USA  to get groovy with the mindblowing contemporary niche of Afro Beat”, stated Chukwuemeka Ekwo aka Emaxta, the founder of Emaxta Records.

The heavyweight duo has come up with a body moving music that will set the feet tapping right from the first beat. “Bright Star ” is projected to be the national anthem for December and beyond in USA’s AfroBeat industry.  

“It was brilliant to work with Samklef. To see such an esteemed artist in action is a special feel altogether and we had a wonderful time with him. We hope the AfroBeat fans will shower ‘Bright Star” with as much love as they have showered on his previous compositions. Packed with high energy, Bright Star is a sign that you can play almost anywhere- at the upcoming holiday parties or long drives or during lazy weekends with your loved ones, at clubs, and so on,” 

Per the statements of Emaxta, added to the groovy part, “Bright Star” is also an inspirational song that encourages looking past the adversities and moving forward. The song talks about the challenges that young people face but still how some of them manage to stand tall beating all odds.  

“Life isn’t fair and especially not so for the young people. There will be roses with thorns almost everywhere but then, you cannot dwell too much on them. It’s because the maxim of life is to ‘move on’. So, yes, there will be adversities but one should also muster the zeal and spirit to overcome these challenges and look forward to a better tomorrow. ‘Bright Star’ is all about that indomitable spirit of the youth.”

“Bright Stars” celebrates some of the braveheart Easterners who never gave up on the face of challenges- rather they broke free of all odds, rose up from the East and settled in the West to create a successful and happy life.  

“Our new single pays tribute to those Easterners who never bogged down even amid dire crises and managed to rise up and sail through. It’s ‘they’ who are the brightest shining stars.” 

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