Receive SMS Online with SMS-Man Confidentially and Automatically on Virtual Numbers for More than 500 Popular Services

SMS-Man allows its customers to receive SMS messages confidentially on virtual phone numbers. The service works for payment services and social networks from all over the world. It is an inexpensive marketing tool and backed by reliable systems as well as strong customer service.

According to announcements released by SMS-Man and Daniil, individuals and businesses that seek to receive SMS online can do so through this business. The service is offered at extremely low rates and is available in 358 countries. 

Businesses can access more than 500 popular web services through virtual phone numbers. These services include WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. 

The virtual phone numbers provided by SMS-Man are activated within seconds, and the service can be availed anonymously. Customers in Russia can avail themselves of desirable rates for eBay, Amazon, WeChat, Tinder, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, etc.

The virtual phone numbers on rent ensure security for users who do not have to share their identities with others. The low rental charges for the many different apps and SMS reception have placed this sales and marketing tool in the hands of small businesses that can safely reach out to a willing audience and bring down marketing costs.

Users can avail of the services from anywhere globally without buying a SIM or investing in special equipment. This safe and confidential service works fully automatically. Customer service from this business is available 24/7 to help clients with the best money-saving deals and clear doubts. 

Businesses that want to establish a presence in a local market can do so; they can scale up or pull back with no investments in hardware. The savings accrued can be diverted to marketing and meeting other business objectives. The data collected from the secure calls can better target an audience and obtain a better ROI on marketing investments. 

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Daniil of SMS-Man said, “SMS-Man provides virtual phone numbers to customers that want to sign up for popular services at the most advantageous price on the Internet. Today, you do not have to buy expensive SIM cards for creating additional accounts for social networks or messengers anymore. Our mission is to provide everybody anonymity on the Internet. We believe that everybody deserves privacy and security of data and personal information. 

“On our website, you can always buy a virtual phone number for Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Amazon and any other popular platform at a low price ― from five cents onward.

“Our key goal is to deliver the most effective service to users who want to activate a single account for one social network, messenger, payment system, dating website, or any other service via SMS and to those who need mass activation.

“On SMS-Man, you can get a virtual phone number within just a few minutes. The procedure is fully automated. It does not involve humans. So, there is no risk of failures or mistakes. We have been delivering top-class virtual phone number distribution services for many years, which has helped us to achieve the leading position on the market.”

About the Company: 

SMS-Man provides virtual phone numbers on rent to facilitate unlimited reception of SMS messages and access to social media. It has processing centers worldwide to ensure variety in the selection of numbers for SMS activation. The service is provided seamlessly and ranks higher than what competitors offer.

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