Exploring “Life After X” with David Rush

Exploring "Life After X" with David Rush

“David Rush”
Break Free From Anxiety

SINGAPORE – While the worldwide increase in anxiety seems like a more recent phenomenon, it’s not quite as new as one might think. The truth of the matter is that anxiety disorders have been around since the dawn of human history. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until somewhat recently that people were able to make sense of these physical and emotional distressers. It’s only now, with anxiety and its causes better understood, that effective treatments and strategies can be implemented to combat its effects. But where does one even begin? Thankfully, David Rush, Neuro Change Practitioner, and Peak Performance Coach have the answer.

After spending decades building the personal and professional life he’d been dreaming of, David’s life began to unravel before his eyes. In the span of a month, he had gone from being a successful family man making a healthy six-figure income to an unemployed divorcee forced to move back in with his parents. He attributes his decline to personal issues associated with lifelong crippling anxiety, something he didn’t understand until much later. It was through his work with the Neuro Change Method that he finally was able to put his feelings into words and completely turn his life around. His work speaks for itself–Disruptor magazine just named him as one of the “Top 30 Coaches to Watch in 2022.”

Now, he has devoted his life to doing the same for others. Through his organization Life After X, David helps entrepreneurs and leaders who experience overwhelming anxiety, stress, and self-doubt overcome the mental obstacles in their path to realize their full potential and create the lives they’ve always dreamed about.

As a coach who specializes in anxiety, he teaches his clients how to recognize and prepare for panic attacks, regulate difficult emotions, react to stressful situations using logic over fear, shut down negative/intrusive thoughts, build a strong sense of self-confidence, and confront tough situations head-on instead of avoiding them. In doing so, they can operate at peak performance in both their personal and professional lives. Having been through tough times himself, he knows firsthand what it takes to rewire the brain for success, and he shares his knowledge with the world, both as a coach and as an executive contributor for Brainz magazine. On top of everything mentioned above, he’ll be launching his brand new “Life After Anxiety” podcast in January 2022.

“This is what the ‘X’ in LIFE AFTER X is. X is the enemy standing in the way of you having what you really want. X is that thing preventing you from achieving business or career rockstar status, traveling the world on a motorcycle, or simply embracing your child and feeling their warmth. It’s actually all about you,” he says. “Whether you are Jeff Bezos or David Rush, dare to imagine what your life would be after your X.”

For more information about David and his services, check out his website. Further reading on anxiety, panic attacks, and more can be found on his blog. Information about his 12-week “Life After Anxiety” program can be found here

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