Concord Blue Takes a Step Towards Sustainability with its Low Carbon Renewable Hydrogen Platform

Through its Concord Blue Reformer (CBR) technology, Concord Blue is able to transform waste into renewable hydrogen.

There is no denying that as the years go by, the climate crisis is becoming a more pressing concern for everyone across the globe. People may not realize it yet, but polluted air, land, and water will drastically affect quality of life. It is time for humans to be responsible for the environment they live in. And it can start with slowly understanding and practicing the value of sustainability.

Companies like Concord Blue have always adhered to a vision of a clean and sustainable environment. In particular, Concord Blue contributes to sustainable development by transforming waste into renewable sources of energy and renewable fuels like hydrogen and electricity.

At present, Concord Blue is developing a low carbon renewable hydrogen platform, using what they call the Concord Blue Reformer or CBR technology. It is a patented steam thermolysis gasification process that converts waste into renewable hydrogen at a fraction of the operating costs of electrolysis through wind or solar resources.

Concord Blue’s new platform will cover five locations in the northwest of Germany, and it is said to produce a combined total of 20,000 tons of low carbon hydrogen for decentralized industrial and transport applications. This further exemplifies Concord Blue’s strong belief that technology is a vital element in the process of working towards reduction of greenhouse gases and sustainability.

“This is the first of many platforms we are developing by deployment of our proprietary CBR technology and has the potential to be one of the leading technologies in the global effort of decarbonization,” says Charlie Thannhaeuser, CEO & CTO of Concord Blue.

Founded in 2002, Concord Blue transforms nearly any form of local waste – such as, biomass, agriculture waste, sewage sludge, plastics, municipal solid waste (household waste) – into a variety of renewable forms of energy like electricity, hydrogen and biofuels, with virtually no pollutants. They are known for successfully developing the CBR, the world’s most advanced and only commercially proven solution for recycling waste into hydrogen at virtually any scale.

This patented, proprietary waste conversion solution enables Concord Blue to create high quality syngas. During the process, waste is clearly refined into valuable end products. Meanwhile, all of the by-products created during energy production are being recycled or reused. And instead of using incineration like most waste-to-energy processes, this unique method relies on heat transfer, which efficiently produces the highest quality syngas with no combustion and achieves a negative carbon footprint.

Currently, Concord Blue conducts global operations, with offices in the United States, Germany, and Taiwan.

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About Concord Blue

Concord Blue is a turn-key waste management and renewable hydrogen solution company founded by Charlie Thannhaeuser. They are the developer of the industry leading, thermolysis-based, waste-to-energy (w2e) patented technology.

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