Promotes Screen Resolution to Help Decide One’s Next TV Purchase Promotes Screen Resolution to Help Decide One’s Next TV Purchase

When they go to purchase a new television, shoppers may be confused by the many options available today. The standard high-definition or HDTV is referred to as a 1080p model. Manufacturers use this designation because the screen resolution on this model is 1920×1080. However, countless other options remain available, and a person may not know which one they should choose. The following guide becomes of great help as this decision is being made. 

1080p Models

A 1080p model is one that has 1,920 pixels horizontally and 1,080 pixels vertically. That’s what the numbers mean when they talk about resolution. Overall, the screen contains approximately two million pixels or tiny dots that compromise the picture seen on the screen. For more information on pixels and their role in screen resolution, check here

Ultra HD Televisions

An ultra HD TV often referred to as a 4K TV, has a screen resolution of 3840×2160. This is four times the number of pixels seen in 1080p models, which allows greater detail in the pictures displayed on the screen. This increase in screen resolution becomes more apparent as the screen size increases. It also becomes of great help if sitting close to the TV. 4K televisions typically offer a high-dynamic range along with a greater selection of colors. This leads to images that are natural-looking and vibrant. VIZIO makes a line of televisions ideal for any consumer today. However, individuals will want to read the Amazon Fire TV Omni (65-Inch) Review before purchasing that model, as people have been disappointed with what they get for the price they pay.

8K Models

People may want to rush out and purchase an 8K TV believing it offers numerous benefits over its 4K siblings. This television features greater than 33 million pixels thanks to the 7680×4320 screen resolution. As a result, it falls under the ultra-high-definition category of televisions. However, there are very few of these models on the market today, and the cost makes them unreachable for many. 

According to, industry experts recommend holding off on purchasing an 8K TV because there is little content available for these screens. On the other hand, streaming services such as Netflix continue to produce 4K content, including Netflix and Amazon. More productions are expected to come on the market soon, so many consumers find the 4K option is best for their needs at this time. 

The Best Choice

Many viewers find they are completely satisfied with a 1080p model and will save significantly if they go this route. Most TVs of this type are LCD versions and come equipped with an LED backlight. However, some people do choose to purchase a 4K or maybe 8K model, particularly those who want an oversized screen without losing any picture detail. However, resolution serves as only one part of the equation when it comes to picture quality, and consumers must recognize this when making a purchase. 

If ready to purchase a new TV, compare various models before buying. Countless individuals rush out to get the latest model when it goes on sale for a good price only to find the picture quality hasn’t improved significantly. If one wishes to have an extremely large television, one will want to choose either a 4K, or 8K model. Otherwise, consider going with a 1080p model, especially if going with a smaller screen size. It will be more than enough to meet one’s needs. Use the rest of the money to purchase other products to complete a home theater system.

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