WT&I Inc., a company specialized in eco-friendly insect protein as a new raw material for the future

WT&I Inc. was established in 2019 through the Preliminary Startup Package, the Korean government’s startup development program. It is a company that specialized in eco-friendly insect protein as a raw material. Researching and producing raw material and other finished products such as foods, feeds, cosmetics, and veterinary medicine has created new values that help humans, nature, and animals coexist.  

WT&I has paid attention to insects because insects produce much less waste and excretion than livestock. They are high in amino acids, protein, inorganic salts, vitamins, and low in fat. That’s why they are considered as one of the important raw materials for nutritious protein foods with high values in terms of the environment, economy, and society.  

Among many insects, WT&I has mass-produced two-spotted crickets with the most protein through the smart farm system. It’s very effective in reducing the costs of two-spotted crickets  and maintaining consistent protein quality. In addition, it is continuously conducting research and development on feeds in order to produce high-quality protein from two-spotted crickets. Thanks to the feeds developed by WT&I Inc., the productivity of the crickets has improved. Going forward, it will continuously put its efforts into ensuring that crickets have special effects.  

To enhance the absorption rate of insect protein, it is now developing new technology to split protein into peptides or ferment them.  In particular, this study utilized the patented technology transferred from the Rural Development Administration. It is found that insect protein that goes through the fermentation process doubles the contents of free amino acids and increases the contents of branched-chain amino acids to enhance the palatability of taste and absorption rate of nutrients. The research plans to produce foods for the elderly and protein supplements to keep muscles healthy.  

WT&I Inc. is conducting various researches on insect protein. In fact, it can be used in various ways, such as raw materials for foods, feeds for aquaculture feeding, cosmetics, veterinary medicine, and medical supplies. In particular, twin-start crickets are found to be effective in reducing inflammation and improving liver function. So it will continue to research on them.  

An official from WT&I said, “We have received angel funding from Korea Venture Business Association due to our growth potential. We also signed a letter of intent (LOI) worth 5 billion KRW with an Indian social company. Based on our previous accomplishments, we will emerge as a company which always works hard to create a new value where humans, nature, and animals can coexist through continuous research and product development on insect protein.” 

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