Employer Background Check Services Provider Explains Why Every Employer Needs a Screening Policy

Background checks provide a wide range of benefits for both the company and its employees. CredentialCheck explains what these benefits are and why it is important to maintain and follow a clear pre-employment screening policy.

Finding the right person to fill a position can be challenging so, screening by companies like CredentialCheck makes it easier. Their employer background check services, paired with a clear screening policy, allow businesses and organizations to hire with greater confidence.

Creating and following a screening policy is crucial because it helps ensure that background checks are utilized in a fair, legal manner. The policy should be applied evenly to all applicants and meet full Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance. If employee background screening is used in a discriminatory, non-compliant manner, the company could face substantial fines and legal fees.

With a policy in place, companies can enjoy the advantages of screening their applicants. Some of the benefits of background checks include:

Ensuring Competence: It’s common for applicants to overstate their qualifications during the hiring process—and the existing employees and clients will suffer for it. Employment history verification and credential checks can be done as part of screening to ensure the newly hired person’s competence.

Promoting a Safer Workplace: Employers are partially responsible for ensuring their employee’s well-being. Criminal record searches help keep the workplace safer for everyone and decrease the risk of issues like workplace theft.

Increasing Integrity: A quick internet search will turn up numerous high-profile cases of people misrepresenting their credentials and causing their employer’s integrity to take a hit. Verifying the information provided during the application process allows businesses and organizations to avoid potential risk to their reputation.

Call (888) 689-2000 for further information about the background checks available from CredentialCheck. They also offer numerous other screening solutions for employers; details can be found on their website. Their company is located in Troy, MI, and serves clients from across the country.

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