Explains Database Activity Monitoring for Optimum Performance Explains Database Activity Monitoring for Optimum Performance

Working in the cloud has become a necessity rather than a luxury due to natural disasters and quarantines. As a result, remote workers are here to stay, with millennial talent opting for careers with flexibility to support a work-life balance. Discover the top reasons to Evaluate cloud database security controls, best practices in a competitive online marketplace today.

Gain Real-Time Visibility

Real-time visibility means gaining meaningful access to daily activities and updates. From this data comes meaningful insights that guide the business to the next level of success. According to, understanding metrics means making updates to remain profitable and productive in a continually evolving online market. From the C-suite to support staff, monitored access ensures data is accessible to the right people at crucial times.

Simplify Routine Audits

Manual processes slow down routine audits, necessitating hours of tedious human labor. Routine month-end and year-end audits were once dreaded because of the time and effort involved in completing them. With cloud databases, audits are a breeze because updated data is instantly accessible in real time from any location or device. Instead of waiting for weeks to gain insights from monthly and annual data, management is on the fast track to making well-researched decisions.

Speed Up Forensics

Understanding internal operations and customer relations are keys to success in an increasingly competitive business world. Cloud automation speeds up forensics as important players have instant access to pertinent data to guide business decisions. As a result, fraud and other inconsistencies are quickly detected to stop losses in their tracks. In addition, customers feel secure knowing the business has a trustworthy reputation and can see potential instances of fraud. 

Support Remote Workers

International interruptions in business proved the importance of working in the cloud and supporting remote workers. Now, millennial talent prefers career opportunities with flexible schedules that support a healthy work-life balance. From natural disasters to a pandemic, working at home became the new normal. Companies with the resources to help workers of all types increase their ability to attract top talent and stay competitive internationally. 

Eliminate Manual Errors

Automation means handling tedious tasks without human touch. As a result, human resources are better used for thoughtful tasks that support business-building activities. Manual processes mean inevitable human errors associated with mandate work and long hours. Automation helps companies save time, energy, and money to help boost the bottom line. Plus, workers appreciate the opportunity to focus on more intelligent work rather than endless hours of data entry.

Reduce Mean Time to Resolution

Finally, one of the most crucial reasons to adopt technology such as Cyral is to reduce the meantime to resolution for business interruptions or issues. Understanding what the target audience wants and needs is the first step to success. In addition, focusing on resolving internal problems streamlines operations for success.

Take a few minutes to visit their website to learn more about the benefits of cloud automation for businesses of all sizes. Then, find out more about what this technology can do to take a company to the next level of success.

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