Affluence Corporation Is Inking Major IoT Deals In Global Markets, Leading Savvy Investors To Exploit A Massive Valuation Disconnect (OTC Pink: AFFU)

Investing in micro-cap stocks is all about timing. Finding the right company in the right sector at the right time can indeed deliver potentially exponential near and long-term rewards. And the better news for those looking is that these emerging gems aren’t really that hard to find. Done the right way, a little bit of research, some competitive analysis into the market sector, and how the company plans to exploit opportunities typically separates the winners from the losers. From there, the next step is easy- take advantage of the investment opportunity. And Affluence Corporation (OTC PINK: AFFU) is definitely one to consider for those wanting exposure to the multi-billion dollar Edge Cloud, IoT, and 5G technology space.

In fact, investors would be wise to act on the value proposition. After all, despite its micro-cap size, AFFU is already playing in the big leagues in the sector and ready to pounce on current and emerging business opportunities in a multi-billion dollar industry expected to surge exponentially over the next decade. Better still, AFFU is in hyper-growth mode, recently announcing they’re bringing another Industrial IoT solution to market through its pending acquisition of Saamarthya. How big is that deal? Well, put simply, it’s potentially transformational and puts them in the game to benefit from a $7.6 billion biomedical waste market. That’s not all.

In addition to that planned deal, AFFU, and its OneMind Technologies, Inc. subsidiary, are currently taking advantage of massive opportunities in the current $9.2 billion Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) market with its innovative closed-loop process automation solution. In layman’s terms, the Closed Loop Process Automation solution advances a unique IoT technology delivering unprecedented efficiencies and cost optimization in the manufacturing sector with real-time data acquisition, analytics, and instruction data feedback to the computer-controlled processes. And that’s the easy explanation. Perhaps the best way to understand what AFFU is doing is to simply know that they are providing next-gen technology to a multitude of markets that need it today.

Timely With Best-In-Class Solutions

Not only that, AFFU believes they have a better solution. In fact, their Industrial IoT solution is demonstrably unique by using a fully integrated and intelligent closed-loop solution versus the often incongruent patches of automation that currently exist in the market. Better yet, AFFU’s contribution does much more than just collect data and operate devices; it leverages the power of AI to analyze data and make decisions via a cloud-based environment. That feature enables remote SCADA monitoring and control using basic tablets and smartphones. Best of all, clients are lining up to benefit.

The AFFU solution is successfully deployed at more than 70 Solar Power generation farms throughout India, the Middle East, and Asia. And that’s happening now. The better news is that AFFU recently highlighted that multiple new projects will likely start sooner than later, targeting revenue-generating opportunities at solar and wind power generation farms, machine components manufacturing units, and the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. While market penetration is an excellent start, a plan to generate revenues is equally important. AFFU has that covered.

Its Industrial IoT – SCADA solution is being deployed as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, with a one-time fee and an ongoing monthly charge expected to start at $10 per machine. While the low cost can be attractive to clients, it benefits AFFU too, especially with forecasts of more than 50,000 machines to be installed in India alone over the next twelve months. Add the planned placements throughout North America and Europe, AFFU is establishing a respectable recurring high-margin revenue stream even during the initial ramp of its global Industrial IoT business.

Here’s the better news, AFFU will benefit from a massive sector tailwind. Currently, the global SCADA market is valued at $9.2 billion. But, at an estimated CAGR of 7.6%, business opportunities surge toward $13.2 billion in less than five years. Remember, despite the phrase IoT coming about several years ago, it’s a sector in its infancy for all intents and purposes. Moreover, the power of AI and the speed of 5G, and their respective adoptions in business, is creating a massive amount of new demand from industrial clients needing mobility solutions for efficient process management. It’s most valuable, or to take it a step further, a critical tool for companies that rely heavily on IoT and AI software platforms.

Still, things get even better for those evaluating the AFFU value proposition. The aforementioned is only one part of a fast-growing next-gen AFFU. There’s plenty more to like.

Leveraging Value From Subsidiary Assets

Wholly-owned subsidiary OneMind Technologies is again in focus. Last week, AFFU announced that its subsidiary entered an agreement with ISLP Technologies to provide software solutions for ISLP’s Smart City projects in India. That deal can be a game-changer from a revenue and expansion perspective. Affluent is indeed bullish. They expect the contract will substantially impact OneMind Technologies’ continued growth, resulting in an extremely positive impact on 2022 revenue.

That’s likely, especially with ISLP Technologies already having arrangements with prominent Indian Telco companies to help expedite the product rollout in multiple cities across India. In addition, the targeted opportunities are not singular. OneMind will be ideally positioned to promote its entire suite of smart city software products that needs what AFFU can deliver. Keep in mind, ISLP had options. They chose AFFU’s OneMind Technologies.

Why OneMind as its Smart City Software partner? According to ISLP Technologies CEO, there are several reasons. First, they have history, already included in the world’s largest Smart City project in the Middle East. Secondly, OneMind is fueled by partnerships with one of the world’s leading technology companies and one of the largest professional services organizations in Europe and Asia to assist in project implementation. Thirdly, ISLP noted that the OneMind product stack is flexible, meaning it’s easy to expand into other applications such as smart airports, smart hospitals, and smart construction. Hence, the diversified strength of OneMind can also be rocket fuel for AFFU stock once these programs get fully implemented.

Of course, trading ahead of news usually helps deliver the best returns. In that respect, updates can come from other than OneMind.

Building A Multi-Faceted Brand

Remember, Affluence Corporation is a holding company of several assets. Even better, its ownership interests are exploiting the sweet spot of a global technology revolution. Since 2019 AFFU has focused on creating shareholder value through an acquisition and roll-up strategy that brings synergistic companies under ownership that can power next-generation internet through leading-edge telecom infrastructure and cloud services, cloud orchestration, and wireless networks.

Better yet, AFFU is a work in progress. That means investors can go along for the ride. And AFFU has not shied away from its intent to leverage its technology and services to transform how organizations and industries operate through edge computing, AI, machine learning, and digital solutions. The best part of their proposition is that as a diversified and uniquely integrated edge-based smart city solution, they provide technologies that are no longer nice-to-haves but critical to organizations trying to compete in a lightning-fast-paced global market.

Moreover, demand isn’t going away. Instead, with global economies and infrastructure powered by software and data over hard equipment, AFFU, through its subsidiary companies, is better positioned than ever to maximize both near and long-term market opportunities by delivering innovative and cutting-edge communication services to consumers and enterprises, and governments. Hence, multiple assets put multiple markets into play.

Still, as noted, AFFU isn’t sitting idle. They are actively investing in mid-market businesses to create a cohesive and comprehensive services package accretive toward its bottom line sooner than later. That mission is helped by leveraging scalability with operating efficiency to target a nearly unlimited potential. And that includes revenue-generating initiatives targeting robotics, AI, healthcare, manufacturing, data centers, mobile devices, smart cities, and ‘autonomous things.’ In short, nearly every market and product sector innovating to improve the lives of the global population is in play.

Further, AFFU is optimistic it can earn its fair share of the market. Moreover, they are ambitious. Primary objectives include becoming a global leader in edge computing solutions powering next-generation internet, making it possible for towns and cities to be a ‘smart city’ through its intelligent IoT smart city solution builder, and driving sustainable growth simultaneous to its focus on bottom line profits.

An Asset Portfolio Worthy Of Attention- And Value

That mission is well underway, too. Contributions are coming from its acquisitions, including RAS Engineering PA, a telecom infrastructure engineering and design services organization providing the critical design work needed for telecom construction projects and site plans. That niche company offers A/E design, code compliance, building performance testing, quality control testing, commissioning, measurement & verification, special inspections, and consulting services.

Targeting digital solutions, AFFU acquired ISLP, which was noted, to accelerate the penetration of telecom services and technologies into the Indian markets. As mentioned, ISLP’s value comes through expertise in building customized digital solutions utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, and Data Science

And finally, at least for now on the assets front, AFFU is expecting to generate significant revenue-generating power from OneMind Technologies SL. As noted, OneMind develops specialized intelligent IoT solutions to help organizations transform from a 20th-century company into one that leverages the power of real-time and multi-domain intelligence. By the way, while not mentioned earlier, OneMind connects data sources to one single point of insight to provide real-time information on operational processes. That service is similar to the enterprise solutions currently offered by several Fortune 50 companies that resell, distribute, and integrate smart city enterprise solutions. Hence, like other AFFU assets, OneMind could contribute massively to an already strengthening asset portfolio.

A Next-Gen Internet Play With Exponential Growth Potential

Thus, at the end of the next-gen day, what’s not to like about AFFU. They have compelling assets, are penetrating multiple global markets with best-in-class software solutions, and are acquiring companies that can expedite its mission to become EPS positive in the coming quarters. Still, while bottom-line EPS would likely generate a move from penny to dollar status, milestones reached along the way can be influential value creators too. Hence, at roughly $0.10 per share, AFFU’s intrinsic value alone is worth more than its entire current market cap. 

But, valuation disconnects aren’t necessarily bad. Those that exploit them can earn significant, potentially exponential, returns over time. And with AFFU locked and loaded for both near and long-term appreciation and a potential non-dilutive $40 million deal expected to close this quarter, not paying attention to the value proposition may be cost investors an extremely attractive entry point.

The bottom line- AFFU is an excellent emerging company in a booming sector. And from micro-caps, behemoths can emerge. While it may take time, one thing is for sure. Having the right products, targeting underserved markets, and having an intrinsic disconnect between assets and valuations, creates a recipe for business success. And with AFFU already cooking in major markets around the world, the final product may indeed be enjoyable- a higher share price.


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