TOPS TOYS Brings the Dynamic Energy of Beyblades to Homes All over the U.S.

Kids everywhere can explore classic Beyblades and share the joys of an exciting battle.

TOPS TOYS introduces a classic, fun game to today’s kids who are always looking for entertainment and thrill — Beyblades. Available in amazing, collectible designs and colors, Beyblades are exciting reinvented tops that can be enjoyed by young and adults alike. Classic Beyblade battles let kids experience healthy competition, create smart strategies, and build friendships.

“Our kids’ indulgence in Beyblades started while we spent a few years in Asia on a temporary assignment. I still remember we spent an entire afternoon in Hong Kong looking for our first Beyblade. Since then, we have played with almost all kinds of Beyblades, held multiple tournaments and arranged numerous kid parties around it. Now we want to share the joy with you. We hope your kids and you enjoy Beyblades as much as we do. All we can say now is ‘three…two…one…Let it rip!’” shared the founders of TOPS TOYS.

There are two major Beyblade manufacturers, Takara Tomy and Hasbro, and TOPS TOYS provides genuine Beyblades from both brands. These toys were first designed by Takara in Japan in 1999. Tomy acquired Takara in 2006, merging the two names. Takara Tomy is the foremost Beyblade company, but various companies around the world have licensed these toys.

All Takara Tomy Beyblades come from Japan and get distributed by various suppliers. The prices for Takara Tomy Beyblades tend to run higher compared to their equivalent Hasbro Beyblades. Several reasons affect this difference, including materials used, the overall quality of the Beyblade and some factors due to import regulations.

Hasbro is the company that licensed Beyblade in the U.S. Hasbro designs their own Beyblades. So even if the name is the same as other manufacturers, the design and features are different.

The shop aims to make beyblading a mainstream game for kids in the U.S. Its primary purpose is to position Beyblades as exciting toys for kids who are usually five years old and above. These toys can provide hours of fun and bring kids and family together.

Beyblades are perfect for parents or friends who want to give special gifts this coming holiday season. TOPS TOYS’ Beyblades are delivered in three to four days within the U.S. Shipping is free for orders of $75 or more.

TOPS TOYS has a blog ( that features articles for Beyblade beginners. They share facts about Beyblades, their parts and their features. They also offer tips on how to choose one’s first Beyblade and where to get the best prices.

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TOPS TOYS provides genuine Takara Tomy and Hasbro Beyblades to kids in the U.S.

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