Melon: A Streaming Platform With Tools That Broadcasters Need To Thrive

The demand for browser-based streaming is surging as broadcasters look for intuitive and easy-to-use live streaming products. The advance towards this technology has introduced many players who claim to offer the best browser-based streaming services. Still, most of them end up charging a massive amount for limited features. Fortunately, here’s a web-based streaming service that’s value for money and, most importantly, allows broadcasters to moderate their live chat while monetizing their content. 

Melon, a browser-based live streaming studio, allows broadcasters to create stunning live streams with ease and without any downloads. Creators can quickly go live on multiple platforms in just five clicks. Moreover, broadcasters can easily personalize streams, moderate live chats, record videos, invite participants, monetize using donations, and much more. Most importantly, all this is possible at the starting price of just 15$ a month. 

“As people sought ways to stay connected during the Coronavirus lockdowns, live streaming became something that was used by more than just a small group of gamers. Celebrities, famous athletes, musicians, and artists all used platforms like Facebook or YouTube to connect with their communities. The popularity and growth of this content led us to create products that cater specifically to these creators’. At Melon, our goal is to help anyone create a professional broadcast with ease.” – George Kurdin, Founder, Melon. 

George Kurdin, Founder at Melon, also acts as a General Manager At Streamlabs, a leading provider of live streaming tools and brand of Logitech. Melon has partnered with Streamlabs to take browser-based streaming services to the next level, and help creators across the world grow.

Melon allows its broadcasters to access Streamlabs Cloudbot, a tool to keep the live chat clean and the audience engaged. The moderation and entertainment tool, Cloudbot enables broadcasters to post automated messages as per their schedule. Moreover, it gives them access to moderation features like Caps, Links, Symbol, and Word Protection. 

Over and above, Melon provides an alert feature that helps broadcasters engage their communities, monetize streams using donations, and run fundraising campaigns. The best part is that the hosts get the entire donation amount as Melon and Streamlabs don’t charge anything. Thousands of creators have already benefited from the donations and alert features offered by Melon. 

Today, advanced technologies emerge across the world and bring innovation and disruption that continues to power growth. Melon is one such technology that helps small businesses stream and grows awareness for their products. Moreover, businesses can personalize their stream by adding a logo, header, custom backgrounds, running ticker, and much more.

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