Solar LED Street Lights Helping to Meet Climate Change Demands

Minor changes can make an enormous difference. Worldwide, cities are installing new lighting systems as one concrete step to lowering their carbon footprint. The science is in, and climate change is a problem humanity is dealing with across the globe. From massive fires to flooding and storms, the results are starting to become something no one can ignore. 

For these reasons, cities are making changes to the systems that put extra stress on the grid. One of the most accessible and most beneficial changes that can be made is street lighting. Upgrading the city street lights to solar-powered intelligent lighting can make a substantial difference in how much electricity is consumed and therefore put significantly less demand on the electrical grid. What usually shocks project managers and city officials is the number of technological advances and financial savings they can get by making this one simple change. 

Solar-powered street lights are an investment that will save more than it costs over time. It can be around twenty dollars per month to power traditional street light, and that’s just one. In NYC, for example, there are about twenty-six million street lights. That ends up being an enormous amount of money spent on electricity alone. That’s why so many cities across the world are changing to all in one solar street light systems instead. 

Modern street lights can be multifunctional. For example, intelligent solar-led options allow cities to have a monitoring system with built-in cameras and audio communication. The ability to monitor areas can be of utmost importance for citizen safety. By choosing to upgrade to street lights that feature cameras, the general crime rate may automatically lower. It’s been found that when people know there are cameras around, they are significantly less likely to commit a crime. 

The lighting itself is as bright if not brighter than conventional lighting. It’s been shown that crime rates in areas like public parks are reduced when the pathways and gathering areas are well lit. 

The speaker system might seem excessive when pitching it to a budget committee, but they have extensive benefits. During special events, cities can play messages or music across the street lights, ensuring that the most people are reached. They could also be life-saving during an emergency. Like outdoor alarms in the past, these speakers could play warnings about impending weather or danger. Considering the recent pandemic, they may also be helpful to play reminders to wear a mask when entering local businesses.

From the financial savings to the more meaningful energy savings for the environment, solar street lights with built-in features are the way to the future.

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