Sighience International Has Brought Forward An E-Learning Program That Teaches Entrepreneurs How to Model Their Own Business and How To Attract People To Fund Their Business Endeavors

The Sighience E-Learning & Grant Program is accessible to people all around the world. It aims to educate students on the basics of leading a business, and it also provides people with a complimentary business grant of up to $105,000.

USA – Sighience is offering an innovative e-learning and grant program that may be completed in as little as 30-days. Their EXCLUSIVE program teaches aspiring entrepreneurs all about how to build a business from scratch and fund it.

Not only is this program a brilliant opportunity to learn but, it is also a fantastic opportunity to secure funds.

Upon successful completion of the 15-unit+ e-learning program, Sighience will provide a complimentary business grant of up to $105,000.

Sighience International is a unique organization committed to teaching people how to establish their business, scale their brand, and secure funds. They teach people how to optimally utilize those funds for them to have a great startup.

With the help of their ingenious initiative, Sighience students will have the opportunity to learn new skills through courses such as Business Sighience, Marketing Sighience, Automation Sighience, Tax Sighience, Credit Sighience, Debt Sighience, Blockchain Sighience and much more!!

To make it easier for everyone to qualify for business or grant funding, Sighience is a self-paced program that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with just an e-mail address and good internet connection.

This course differs from others in that the reading material includes images, download links, virtual activities, and more.

Students usually finish the program within 3 to 5 days from the comfort of their own homes. If the students have any questions or something they cannot understand during the program, they are encouraged to contact their team directly via email or chat.

After completing all the units of each course, a representative from Sighience will go through the assignments and advise the students about any correction(s) that may be needed. If the student performs well, he or she becomes eligible to participate in another program called Money Sighience and enter the Sighience Donor Queue.

In this portion of the program, qualified Sighience Students will receive donations from Sighience sponsors, contributors, and donors. During this “Business Shower”, Sighience Students may receive donations of up to $5,000/each in their dedicated Sighience Account until they reach their desired grant funding milestone of up to $105,000.

In the spirit of science and education, the Sighience E-learning and Grant program is divided into three offers or packages called Solid, Liquid and Gas.

The “Solid” package has a one-time enrollment fee of $1,000 that includes a self-paced program and other materials that can be accessed via e-mail, Facebook, Clubhouse, and/or Telegram. Upon completion of this program, Sighience Sudents will receive about $17,500 as their complimentary business grant.

The “Liquid” package includes the facilities of the “Solid” package, an instructor, a 7+ piece business branding kit, and a complimentary business grant of $63,000.

The “Gas” package is the last and the grandest package Sighience has to offer. It includes all facilities of the “Liquid” package, a private mentorship program, mastermind groups, and a complimentary business grant of $105,000.

Sighience Packages that include the 7+ piece business branding kit may provide one or more of the following elements: hi-definition logos, 2-sided business card designs, apparel and PPE gear designs, corporate letterhead designs, business invoice designs, presentation folder designs, custom e-mail signature designs, pitch deck/e-book designs, custom QR code designs and social media post templates.

The one-time enrollment fee for the “Liquid” and “Gas” packages are currently $2000 and $3000, respectively.

Sighience International’s mission is to teach people how to build a network and a workable system for their businesses.

The program is designed to help students establish their brand(s) by choosing appropriate company names, registering their business, and using influential business colors they can stick with for years to come.

This course also teaches students how to market their products or services, secure their own intellectual property, attract investors, and develop a tone or posture that enhances productivity.

Sighience’s e-learning program is an initiative that focuses on turning average people into successful businessmen and women.

To learn more about or apply for the Sighience E-Learning and Grant Program, please feel free to visit their website or chat with them online.

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