Beat Controllers Releases New Hit Track “You and Me”

Beat Controllers Releases New Hit Track "You and Me"

Beat Controllers is a music artist by Producer and Musician Armando Garza, who is known for his unique signature style on all of his tracks. This artist has made his mark with electronic music having psytrance feel to it. Fans of Beat Controllers can always pinpoint one of his songs by hearing his style on the beat.

This music artist never takes a break from the industry. He has been hard at work with his music project, Beat Controllers, and has recently released a new track called “You and Me”.  With so many exciting projects set to come out, Beat Controllers fans will be entertained well into the new year.

Beat Controllers’s music career

Beat Controllers has been passionate about music since he was a kid. He always had a unique gift for creating beats and by focusing on that talent, he has been able to build a career in the music industry. Over the past 12 years, Garza has put all of his focus into his music to continue creating songs his fans will keep on their playlists.

Creating music has been an adventurous lifestyle for Armando Garza. He has been able to meet a lot of influential people in the industry and travel all over the world to perform. Garza has even been able to make music and perform with other artists who he admires. 

In the upcoming year, Garza plans to keep putting 100 % of his focus into his music. He wants to travel and perform in more places throughout the world. He loves knowing that his music and the Beat Controllers are reaching more people worldwide.

Beat Controllers’s new track “You and Me”

Beat Controllers released his latest track “You and Me” on November 26th, 2021. This track is now available on all streaming platforms. Garza is looking forward to seeing his fans’ reactions to this new track. He put a lot of heart and energy into this new track, and this is going to be one that people keep on repeat.

Fans of Beat Controllers have been looking forward to the release of “You and Me”, with many people staying up late to catch its release.  Beat Controllers currently has over 100 thousand followers who were counting down the days until that song came out.

In the new year, Garza is going to be busy with the Beat Controllers project and fans can’t wait to see what he has in store with it. To find out more, visit his Instagram page at

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