The advantages of the new Ford C-Max II loudspeaker is an online store for high quality car speakers from top brands and test winners. The Ford C-Max II is a vehicle built from 2010 – 2019 as the standard audio system, loudspeakers with paper cones are built into the vehicle. The loudspeakers are in the front doors, woofers in the door panels on the driver and front passenger sides, and tweeters on the left and right in the front of the dashboard. There are woofers in the rear doors and in the door panel and two external tweeters on the left and right. The online store offers suitable speakers from brand manufacturers that are suitable for replacing the original speakers ex works, for all original installation locations in the Ford C-Max. All new speakers disappear behind the original door panels and covers.

Benefits of using new speakers in the 2010-2019 Ford C-Max II

The standard loudspeaker system in the Ford C-Max II has a very simple structure and is not designed to reproduce high demands for music consumption. One reason for this is that the loudspeakers cannot technically achieve the standards of brand manufacturers. The woofers are only equipped with a simply constructed membrane made of paper. And the tweeters ex works only have a simple capacitor that is connected upstream of the tweeters. The magnet on the back of the woofer is also not particularly solid. As a result, no deeper bass, as can be heard in modern hits, can be reproduced.

Our offers for this vehicle include brands such as Hertz, JL-Audio and Audison who have decades of experience in building high-quality loudspeakers. All installation kits have high-quality frequency symbols for the tweeters and the speakers’ membranes are many times more resilient. The offers include all suitable mounting rings and speaker adapter cables in the delivery package.

For problem-free installation, we recommend that you use our abundantly illustrated instructions:





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