What Is The Difference Between A Counterbalance Crane And A Cantilever Crane

Balance crane belongs to the lifting machinery, is a novel, for three-dimensional space in the material handling and installation of labor-saving operation of the booster equipment. It cleverly applies the principle of balance of force, which makes the assembly convenient and fast, accurate positioning, and the material is suspended in three-dimensional space within the rated stroke, and the material can be rotated up, down, left and right manually. So that the operator can balance the movement and positioning in space with a slight push or pull on the heavy object. Due to the profound and profound Chinese writing, the balance crane is also called a booster manipulator, balancer, manipulator, balance booster, manual loadshifter, etc. Most of them are named according to the function and application of the equipment.

1. Balancing crane composition

A set of balancing crane equipment is mainly composed of three parts: the main machine, gripping fixture, suspension device.The host is the main device to realize the material (or workpiece) floating in the air without gravity, such as hoist, balancer, intelligent crane, etc.Gripping fixture is to realize the workpiece gripping, and complete the user’s corresponding handling and assembly requirements of the device, such as hooks, suction cups, etc.The suspension device is the mechanism to support the whole set of equipment according to the user’s service area and site condition requirements, including: column, cantilever, folding arm, air pipe, track, etc.

2. Balance crane classification

Balance crane can be divided into three categories according to the power, mechanical balance crane, pneumatic balance crane and hydraulic balance crane.Mechanical balancing crane is the most common type of balancing crane, that is, using the motor to drive the material up to lift the goods, usually with the host for the hoist, according to the different types of hoist can be divided into a variety of balancing cranes, such as electric balancing crane, frequency balancing crane, servo balancing crane, etc..Pneumatic balance crane is a relatively fast development of equipment in recent years, using pneumatic as the power source, through the vacuum negative pressure adsorption material, through the air tube to pump and inflatable drive the material up and down. Because the suction cup is more convenient and faster than the traditional clamps in absorbing materials, and it is safer to use pneumatic, so the pneumatic balance crane is widely used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Hydraulic balance cranes are the most common traditional balance cranes for lifting and lowering materials through hydraulic pressure, and have the earliest history and are most widely used.

Balance crane really belongs to a kind of cantilever crane, because the classification of cantilever crane is more extensive, such as self-supporting, low static type, wall type, walking type, telescopic type, folding arm type and so on. The counterbalance crane is also used to achieve lifting and balancing by cantilever. So the balance crane can be called cantilever crane, but the cantilever crane is not the whole type of balance crane.



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