Why are gamers talking about ‘SIDUS: NFT HEROES’?

Why are gamers talking about ‘SIDUS: NFT HEROES’?

“Join the Sidus NFT Metaverse – It’s like World of Warcraft meets NFT”

SIDUS: NFT HEROES is a game that is somehow set to revolutionize the way players experience video games.

When people talk of gaming, a few things come to mind. It is a hobby that is taxing on one’s wallet and precious time. In the traditional sense, that may have been true, after all gaming is a hobby that commonly requires a chunk of our income, if not our valuable time. But what if gaming could be more than a mere source of amusement, and offered players a means of earning a livelihood as well?

Money and gaming

Yes, playing video games nowadays can be profitable in a few ways. You could engage in professional Esports and hope to win competitions or become a popular content creator on Twitch. Yet, these options are both easier said than actually done. Looking at the statistics, only a minuscule fraction of the entire gaming population ever crosses the threshold of converting leisure into riches

Yet, again, what if there’s a game that offers a low barrier to entry and even pays you just for playing?

The idea might sound heavenly or borderline wishful thinking. But that notion is no longer pie in the sky, thanks to one newcomer — SIDUS: NFT HEROES. 


Being developed by the same company that brought an eponymously named NFT-oriented marketplace to the public, SIDUS: NFT HEROES is the latest brainchild of NFT Stars. It is a revolutionary game that amalgamates metaverse, NFT, and the principles of crypto, wrapped into cutting-edge visuals. More accurately, it’s a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) built upon the Ethereum blockchain and offers open-world gameplay. Imagine if games like World of Warcraft (MMORPG) and Grand Theft Auto (open-world) had a child; gameplay-wise, SIDUS: NFT HEROES would be it.

Revolutionary gaming

The term “NFT” in the title is not something that should be overlooked. It refers to the same “non-fungible token” craze that has recently taken the digital community by storm. That is the component that makes SNH unique as a game. For the first time in gaming history, players can represent themselves as unique individuals through their avatars.

Representing yourself in a way that cannot be copied by anyone else is cool. Another major reason why SIDUS: NFT HEROES is turning heads is its claim to offer real-life money-making. Right now, the biggest evidence of such an undertaking boils down to something called Galaxy Staking, which is essentially a mechanism that pays royalties.

It truly is an interesting time to be a gamer because there’s not that long to wait before next year’s release of SIDUS: NFT HEROES.

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