Author Rosemary Fisher brings a sweet, inspirational novel about love, faith, and family in “Under His Wings.”

A modern romance tale, readers from all over the world would be able to relate to the ups and downs in the lives of the characters of “Under His Wings,” a compelling novel exemplifying faith and dedication.

Author Rosemary Fisher takes readers into a modern romance tale that exemplifies how dedication and faith can pave the way for happiness and peace in her latest book, “Under His Wings.” 

The story is about ordinary people going through ordinary life situations. They face illness and death, lost dreams, and feelings of unworthiness, fears, and dangers common to everyone. What sets the characters apart from most is their belief in God and their trust in Him to guide, protect, and comfort. 

“My hope in sharing this story is to show readers that it is possible to have a close relationship with Jesus, even in trying times,” says Rosemary, who came up with the idea for the story in the middle of the night. She shares, “I believe it was God-given! It was a story that had to be written! God gave me the beginning, and I relied on him to help me every step of the way.”

The writing started as a creative outlet during the early months of 2020 when the pandemic-induced lockdowns gave Rosemary plenty of time. The author said she had no intentions of publishing the story, but several friends read the rough draft and encouraged her to take the next step.

“Under His Wings” appeals to adult readers, especially those who enjoy a wholesome romance. The mid-western setting provides a comfortable backdrop to a story of faith and forgiveness. Bible verses and prayers throughout the book are natural parts of the characters’ lives.

The book features an excerpt: “Six months to a year, the doctor had said. It was time enough to get things in order, make sure all the legal angles were covered, say his goodbyes. Walter knew that he was just a few steps from Heaven. Marla Jean knew it too, and it brought her comfort. They would all be together again, for eternity. Getting through the valley of the shadow might be difficult, but they could have hope. And they believed, strongly, that God kept his promises.”

In a review, Michael Radon of The US Review of Books described the book as “tense and sorrow, joyful, and heart-lifting.”

“This story will speak to a shared and common experience that all people deal with, livened by exciting plot twists and romantic throughlines,” Michael wrote.

Meanwhile, Ella Vincent of the Pacific Book Review states, “[It is] a compelling novel that will show how faith and dedication can lead to peace and happiness. Fisher’s novel will be a delight to readers.”

On the other hand, Patty Moreland of Silver Spring in Maryland commended the author for her unique way of intertwining a story of love, human struggle, and grief with encouraging scriptures and songs.

“The story will keep you captivated while increasing your faith,” Patty wrote in a review.

Maria Baldridge, from Columbia, Missouri, states, “This was the author’s first book, but I feel the level of skill she has shown here is beyond that. It was a really enjoyable read with great pacing.”

Rosemary is a retired teacher, having dedicated over forty-five years to the education of young children. She graduated from Greenville College in Illinois in 1975 with a degree in Elementary Education. 

Rosemary taught children from infancy through second grade. She particularly loved working with infants and toddlers in her family home daycare in Maryland. Most recently, she worked as a Child and Family Development Advocate with Early Head Start in Missouri. She and her husband, John, live in Columbia, Missouri. They have four children and eight grandchildren, and a beautiful collie named Regina.

Those who want to grab a copy of “Under His Wings” can purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository. As the holiday season inches closer, “Under His Wings” serves as an excellent gift for Christmas. 

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