Curated Mental Health to launch nationwide offices to increase access to psychedelic assisted psychotherapy

Curated Mental Health has announced a major plan to launch a network of offices nationwide in a bid to bring psychedelic assisted psychotherapy to all patients who need treatment, regardless of payer. 

The launch, which is scheduled for December 9th 2021, will be held at one of the flagship locations in 253 West 28th Street, 3rd floor, New York.

There will be conversations around access to mental health treatment, which will be hosted by Curated Mental Health founder Dr. Amanda Itzkoff. 

Guests will later be hosted for a cocktail party and all member donations and contributions will go to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

In what has been termed as the future of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, the organization has partnered with a dedicated team of progressive thinkers to solve the barriers to access of treatment.

Speaking about the new service, Dr. Itzkoff said the organization would be dedicated to assisting patients with ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and additional psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. 

“We’re announcing a new practice, dedicated to addressing the massive barriers to care that exist in obtaining mental health treatment, especially the most cutting-edge services. To that end, we have established Curated Mental Health where we are committed to treating patients with ketamine assisted psychotherapy and additional psychedelic assisted psychotherapy modalities as soon as they come online,” said Dr. Itzkoff. 

To achieve this, the organization plans to use new and innovative treatment approaches for all patients with a comprehensive plan of making it accessible nationwide by having offices across the country.

Dr. Itzkoff, who has been in private practice since 2008, came up with the idea of Curated Mental Health with the aim of providing access to psychedelic services to all those who need it without worrying about the cost. 

The self-determined psychiatrist and assistant clinical professor has already assembled a team of highly qualified psychiatrists who will help her offer these transformative treatments without patients paying any of the high out of pocket costs.  

The revolutionary team plans to offer the latest advances in psychedelic therapies, along with standard psychiatric treatment, to patients who have previously been unable to access these groundbreaking therapies.

Dr. Itzkoff, who was initially one of just a handful of doctors in the country to offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) treatment to patients outside of research, plans to use a similar modality she developed for ketamine treatment to allow patients who need to use their insurance benefits to access this care.

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