Renowned Manhattan Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Robert Vitolo, Offers A New Tummy Tuck Alternative

Nov 30, 2021 – Dr. Vitolo now offers a tummy tuck alternative called, “Scar Less Abdominal Rejuvenation. This procedure allows him to create a flatter abdomen and more sculpted waist, as well as the removal of “love handle” fat, and that “Pubic Bulge” with his Scar Less techniques. His abdominal rejuvenation leaves minimal scarring while still producing a slimmer waist and flatter abdomen. 

The Scar Less Abdominal Rejuvenation uses External Ultrasonic Assisted Liposculpture (EUAL), a form of liposuction that uses ultrasound that is  transmitted through the skin, partially liquifying the fat prior to the liposculpture. The ultrasonic waves pass  harmlessly through the skin, where vibrations break up the fat cells and make them easier to remove. This causes much less bruising and soreness than traditional liposuction accomplishing significant fat removal. The partial liquification of the fat allows the use of finer  cannulas and, therefore, tiny incisions that leave minimal scars. 

After initial fat sculpting, the ultrasound energy stimulates a skin-tightening process. Dr. Vitolo will assist with foam compression tape and garments that hold the sculpted areas in place to tighten any loose skin. The second day after the surgery the patient removes the foam tapes and the original compression garments and an initial (50 to 60%) early result can be seen.  Over the next several months the results become better and better with the help of his skin tightening regimen of self massage.The full result can usually be seen between three and six months as skin tightening continues. With a slimmer waistline and flatter abdomen, patients can feel more self-confident without having to hide the noticeable  excess fat and skin without noticeable scars. 

The Scar Less Abdominal Rejuvenation procedure works best for patients most concerned with fat in the abdominal area, around the waist, and in the “love handles’ ‘ and pubic area. Even patients that have excess skin and a “pouch” of skin and fat may benefit from this procedure with the proper postoperative regimen. Dr Vitolo comments “The capacity of the skin to contract is often amazing , because the excess fat under the skin prevents the skin from contracting, and when the fat is removed the skin has its opportunity to tighten.”

Dr Vitolo comments that “ many patients who came to him requesting a Tummy Tuck, but were concerned with the extensive scarring, long operating and recovery times and potential complications were happy with their result from the Scar Less Abdominal Rejuvenation. He says “If there is a small fold of excess lower abdominal skin after complete healing it can easily be excised under local anesthesia leaving a small scar if it is bothersome to them.”

Dr. Vitolo may recommend a conventional tummy tuck for patients who need to have their abdominal muscles repaired to remove lower abdominal stretch marks. For people who do not need a tummy tuck to achieve their desired results, a Scar Less Abdominal Rejuvenation procedure can allow them to avoid long recovery times and noticeable scars. This “new twist” on an old procedure lets Dr. Vitolo offer his patients the option of less invasive procedures with decreased recovery time. Most women will have minimal discomfort from this minimally invasive procedure and can usually return to their usual activities within a few days as opposed to weeks of recovery from a traditional tummy tuck.

Dr. Vitolo, who is known for his many minimally invasive procedures is committed to providing his patients with the most choices available, including his Scar Less procedure techniques that provide a shorter recovery and minimal scarring. For those interested in a minimally invasive alternative to a tummy tuck should contact Dr. Vitolo to learn more about his Scar Less procedures. Visit Dr. Vitolo at to learn more about this procedure!

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