Abdel Mussa Helps Survivors Overcome Child Abuse Trauma with the 6 week Liberation and Intimacy Awakening Program

Abdel Mussa is a UK based practitioner that has developed a unique trauma-liberation program designed to help survivors permanently end flashbacks, release pent-up rage, and bring tranquility to their inner turmoil, without reliving the past or understanding their issues.

Abdel Mussa is a highly experienced therapist who created The Liberation and Intimacy Awakening Program to help survivors of childhood abuse overcome their burdens through innovative techniques. As Abdel states, his work “revolves around discharging polarities”, after noticing that his most challenging clients all suffered from co-existing opposites.

“I noticed a pattern between all the ‘impossible’ cases – they all suffered from child abuse trauma. And so that became my focus…helping adult survivors of child abuse overcome their trauma and rekindle intimacy. I began noticing that they felt two opposites at the same time, such as loving and hating the same person, or trusting and distrusting the same person, or wanting to say yes and no, at the same time. The average survivor has an average of 300-400 polarities.”

The Polarity Discharge Method’s creator emphasizes that conventional modalities of trauma relief, such as CBT, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, EFT, and counseling may be effective as coping and managing techniques, but that they do not offer permanent liberation and relief from trauma.

Before addressing the program and its benefits, Abdel Mussa wanted to educate survivors about polarities – the key elements underpinning his liberation approach. A wealth of information regarding case studies, survivor types, the Polarity Matrix, the Polarity Discharge Method, short-term benefits of conventional therapy, and the Liberation Program is available on Tranquil and Cherished’s website.

Abdel has mapped out each segment of the program and strived to design a comprehensive framework that would work with even the most severe cases of childhood abuse trauma that have had many years of previous therapy by discharging their polarities, teaching them how to know who to trust and who to distrust, and neutralising flashbacks.

The Liberation Program is comprised of three elements, including the membership portal, weekly midweek calls, and weekly weekend calls. Abdel emphasizes the importance of polarity discharge audios in the portal, stating:

“The audios consist of the polarities that I have found common between 90% of survivors. As you listen to the audios, your polarities are discharged, and you also get a sense of achievement and ability. Clear the common polarities by yourself, so that you allow me to clear the ones that are unique to you in our live calls.”

Abdel is committed to making the process of un-traumatising as smooth and easy as possible; he confirms that revisiting and reliving the past is not effective for healing and only creates further pain for survivors.

Regarding the Program’s length, Abdel had said:

“I’m limited by time and so I can only work with 20-25 people a month before I risk burnout. I’d rather help 10 people overcome their issues in 6 weeks than help 200 people a month slowly to overcome their issues in 5 years.”

More information about the Polarity Discharge Method, the Trust Compass Algorithm and the Flashback Neutralisation Technique and the Liberation Program can be found on Abdel’s official website.

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