PlayersOnly launches New feature to help athletes and sports fans earn from content

The latest Replay Pay for Play feature by PlayersOnly will allow athletes to showcase their skills, build an audience, drive higher engagement, and earn profits.

Los Angeles, CA – December 02, 2021 – Leading sports social network PlayersOnly is pleased to announce the launch of a new feature that will allow the members to earn from their content and engagement on the platform. Titled “Replay Pay for Play”, the latest feature will enable the users to create and upload brief 15-second entertaining sports clips on the platform and profit from them.  

The Replay Pay for Play was launched last month. The feature Pay for Play will be invite-only in the near future. 

In an exclusive interview, Tuan Ma, the CEO of PlayersOnly, stressed that a major factor that separates PlayersOnly from other regular counterparts is that the network allows athletes to market themselves. Athletes will be able to build an audience using the new Replays feature across the PlayersOnly network

“One of the crucial factors that keep our sports social network ahead of the curve is our motto to help athletes market themselves to the broader audience out there. There are many untapped talents out there who go unnoticed given the lack of exposure. PlayersOnly aims to bring a change here  by enabling promising athletes to showcase their skills before the wider sports community that would eventually bring them to the notice of recruiters. And our newly launched Replay Pay for Play feature will make the process more convenient for them than ever”, stated Tuan Ma. 

“The new feature allows players to upload their performance video clips and elevate their engagement level in the wider sports community out there. Higher engagement would not only lead to higher earning opportunities from the contents but would also draw in attention of the recruiters. We believe the new feature will be a great aid especially for the talented yet under-represented athletes out there.” 

Speaking on, Mr. Ma said that PlayersOnly aims to become the world’s first decentralized sports metaverse that incorporates decentralized finance. The platform is driven by the mission to create a safe and credible place where fans, brands, teams, athletes can interact while building a global community to network and communicate. The platform has released a next-gen utility token, PO, for sports and entertainment. The PO token will help to incentivize investors and also extend a mechanism to access goods and services. PlayersOnly has also launched a NFT marketplace for buying, selling, and trading of NFTs. 

“PlayersOnly is our passion project- we wish to create the ‘ultimate social’ experience for athletes and sports fans through our platform. We believe that every athlete out there must receive the opportunity to achieve their greatness, hone their skills and profit from their talents.  Unfortunately, the contemporary sports industry landscape makes it difficult for recruiters and teams to reach up to a good bulk of the talent pool out there. PlayersOnly will serve as an effective  connection tool here that will ensure seamless connection and networking between athletes, recruiters, students, schools, and agents.” 

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