SENPAI’s Liquidity Locker Officially Goes Live

Opportunity for SENPAI holders to lock Ethereum and Binance Liquidity Pools in order to provide a safety measure in Decentralized Finance

SENPAI is pleased to announce that its liquidity locker is now officially live. This is a grand opportunity for crypto investors who are currently holding SENPAI tokens to lock in Ethereum and Binance Liquidity Pools in order to provide a safety measure in decentralized finance. These liquidity pools include the Uniswap v2 or Pancake swap v2 on the SENPAI website.

It is common for Ethereum and Binance DeFi projects to have liquidities unlocked and free. However, with this new move by SENPAI, the token holders after locking the liquidity pool are assured of the safety in the trading environment. In addition, SENPAI is offering holders of its token a share of the profits of its Tokens that are live on Uniswap.

Holders of SENPAI tokens can easily partake in the SENPAI’s liquidity locker by first connecting the platform to their MetaMask wallet. The crypto holder or investor can now decide on the Liquidity Pool of their choice which is either Uniswap v2 or Pancake swap v2. This is followed by using Uniswap v2 or Pancakeswap v2 router to create their Liquidity Pool for their token. The token holders can then use their LP token address to add Liquidity Pool to the locker to keep their LP token and earn rewards in form of SENPAI token. SENPAI holders who wish to withdraw their liquidity pool can easily unlock the LP token whenever they wish to do so.

Furthermore, DeFi Project Leaders launching new projects in Uniswap and Pancake swap are now able to lock their LP’s with SENPAI. This ensures safe trading environment for their projects, and in addition, the fees collected go to a community backed project that is SENPAI.

This new move by the SENPAI team is part of its vault roadmap to allow SENPAI token holders to earn more rewards. In future, the team is looking to creating more rewards for its holders through different measures such as increase in weekly locks, increase in profit sharing model and large partnership. Members of the SENPAI community can also look forward to development of Launchpad and more marketing from the SENPAI team.

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