Ross Palfrey on How Sales Can Provide Opportunities for Leadership and Growth

Ross Palfrey on How Sales Can Provide Opportunities for Leadership and Growth

Ross Palfrey has established himself as an authority in sales and leadership. At the young age of 21, he has accomplished impressive feats with his team, and he is only getting started. Opening his first business while still in high school, he found his calling and now leads a sales team that brings in incredible results.

Ross Palfrey comes from a small town called Cornwall in Ontario. He was encouraged to go the standard route: finish high school, get into a good university, and find a career. At first, he saw himself following this path, but a tragic event changed his mind. In the summer of 2016, his best friend ended her life. Losing a person so important to him at the age of 16 affected him greatly, making him reflect on life. Ross shared, “It was a massive reality check for me, and it got me thinking about how long we really have on this earth. If I were to go today, what impact would I have made on the world? Nothing.”

In this period of grief, Ross Palfrey learned more about self-development. He found a mentor and started reading books on self-development. “Working towards and dreaming of something that could be much greater than me in the future gave me lots of fulfillment and purpose,” Ross explained. After recovering from the loss of his best friend, Ross put his new skills to good use and started his first business. He and a friend operated an e-liquid manufacturing business. The business did so well that Ross scaled the company to a level with an entire operating system, complete with a manufacturer, distributors, marketing and label managers, and warehouses. “That’s when I knew that I was bound for business, sales, and entrepreneurship.”

After starting and selling a few other business ventures, Ross Palfrey found himself working in the forex and investing industry. But he soon learned that while entrepreneurship is a good choice, he could also be an entrepreneur within someone’s business and work his way up the ranks to a leadership position.

Ross Palfrey started working at a green energy consulting firm. The company specializes in helping homeowners in Ontario save money and be more eco-conscious by providing them with high-efficiency upgrades such as better HVAC equipment or solar panel installations. His first position in the company was as a personal marketer for one of the top sales associates. Within a month, he was promoted to sales.

Ross Palfrey closed several deals and brought valuable revenue for the company that, within three months, he and a partner went to open the company’s second and third locations. His leadership skills improved with each team he worked with, and he has developed several skills that make him an expert at managing teams and projects.

“I currently manage a sales team of 25 consultants across three locations in Toronto, London, and Windsor, Ontario,” Ross Palfrey explained, “And I pride myself in having taught my team key sales and persuasion skills that help them succeed at the highest levels.”

He has trained numerous consultants and developed into a competent leader in the few short years he has been with the company. His approach to sales and leadership can be described as systematic, teachable, effective, and duplicatable to others.

Ross Palfrey learned what kind of work he was passionate about and developed and improved his skills in the field. “I believe in myself, and I set the bar high. I hope I can help others change their lives through sales, the benefit of good leadership, and learning valuable interpersonal skills. We can all do more, and I can help them achieve that.”

Ross Palfrey is a highly skilled sales leader for a green energy consulting firm. To learn more about him, you can follow him on Instagram.

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