ITTI Launches Mobile Business Management App in Fast-Growing SE Asia to Fuel SMEs’ Global M-Commerce

ITTI Launches Mobile Business Management App in Fast-Growing SE Asia to Fuel SMEs’ Global M-Commerce
With its modern payment systems, the PAIDAPP.ID app empowers business success for entrepreneurs in Indonesia, helping users reach a global market from their phones.

DECEMBER 6, 2021 – As the world shifts from conducting business on the web to mobile phones, ITTI recognized an important opportunity to support the expansion of small and mid-size enterprises in emerging markets, specifically Indonesia. Adapting its well-established mobile invoicing platform, ITTI created and launched PAIDAPP.ID to help Indonesia’s abundance of micro-businesses, freelancers and SMEs successfully increase their market reach. The app empowers its users to accept any kind of payment method via its simplified mobile merchant onboarding and enables instant payment process while establishing a best-in-class professional presence.

The PAIDAPP.ID app is created to be a dynamic business management tool that keeps pace with the expectations and movement of the modern world as both users and customers rely more and more on the convenience of e- and m-commerce. Indonesians are at the forefront of this trend, using messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, to wholly manage their lives and businesses. PAIDAPP.ID supports this shift and helps its users request and accept payments directly through these social platforms, all happening in real-time.

PAIDAPP.ID is easy to use, safe and free, and helps small business owners participate in the digital marketplace that otherwise may not have access. Users can engage with clients anywhere in the world while accommodating their preferred payment method. The app accepts more than 25 different payment options, from classical banking, such as credit and debit cards, and cash, to digital payments via e-wallets and e-banking. Users can instantly close sales transactions, and immediately receive digital payments.

“Indonesia’s spirit is invigorating. It is a nation rich in innovation, savvy in technology and filled with some of the most hard-working, entrepreneurial people,” said Zoltan Kaman, CEO. “ITTI saw an opportunity to make a real difference. PAIDAPP.ID helps business owners of all sizes be successful and confident.”

In addition, PAIDAPP.ID users can create professional proposals, quotations, invoices, and receipts using their own logo and company name. With its integrated system, the mobile app simultaneously manages their accounting, customer status and products. These built-in processes improve business administration, create well-designed communication tools, simplify accounting systems, and increase professionalism. Ultimately, this elevates a customer’s overall trust, confidence, and experience with a business.

As the fourth largest population in the world, Indonesia is one of Southeast Asian’s most rapidly growing markets. A study by global tech giant Google and Singapore’s Temasek valued Indonesia’s e-commerce market at $12.2 billion in 2018 and estimated its growth to reach $53 billion in 2025.

PAIDAPP.ID seeks to help Indonesia reach its full potential with the belief that locally-owned businesses that thrive help create prosperous communities. More information can be found at

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