The Book “Own Your Darkness” to unleash the power within Ones Self

Based on the dark night of the soul, and the emotional wisdom that comes with it.

Karen Martushev is the Founder of Being Divine Light. She is a Metaphysic, a Self-Love Mentor, and a creator of the Being Divine Light Podcast. Recently, she announced her new book “Own Your Darkness” which will launch on 2nd February 2022.

Karen focuses on empowering through self-love and understanding through darkness comes in our life instead of trying to escape or push away from them. She believes and had experienced through herself that pain can make a person strong, help to rise into the deep purpose of life, and is here to awaken us. This kind of painful awakening can happen in our lives to realize our true potential; It’s like a blessing in disguise that is not understood and acts as a messenger. She has written about various aspects of emotions and how she overcame them. She had to go through the dark dark night of the soul, it is not something one wants to go through but it happens to some of us. She wrote the book while in the midst of the awakening and going through the transition in her life. She cheers readers by sharing wisdom and her self-care practices.

Karen dedicates this book to those on the journey to re-discover their true deep self. She encourages us to go through the darkness in life not get stuck in that phase of life forever, obtain self-power and own it with light. “Own Your Darkness” describes Karen’s own raw experiences. It also covers how she conquered those emotions by achieving her true self and consists of self-help practices in each chapter for people who would like to grow from the trauma and heal themselves. The book is filled with guidance to obtain the understanding of darkness and to empower themselves into the light.

The whole concept of the book is determined to make the readers understand the underlayment of the guided dialogued information of emotions through divine masters, spirit guides, as well as archangels, to know there too is divinity in darkness as there is in light. “Own Your Darkness” is to launch on 2nd February 2022.

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