The Annual Craft Day, organized by Patton Ville High School on Dec 4, 2021

Children are a treasure of hidden talents and ideas. Teachers are responsible for much more than simply academics. They create a feeling of community in their classrooms, making it feel like a home away from home where their children feel secure, included, and loved.

The Annual Craft Day, organized by Patton Ville High School on Dec 4, 2021, will be where the people witness the treasure of talents and ideas from the young and fresh brains. The core agenda of this event is to boost confidence, enhance critical thinking, brain activity, and portray emotions through handmade stuff. Don’t forget to visit T-Rex Triplets by Denise Kuse. Denise’s stall will be decorated in a uniquely artistic way. Denise retired as an elementary school teacher of 31 years. She has got some must-read books, cute stickers, handmade toys, and much more.

Every event is incomplete without the fun factor, and Denise Kuse has kept the fun factor in the event, including many games and interactive fun activities for the kids. While having the fun factor in the event, the kids and other audience will learn many new things, such as teamwork, time management, and other skills.

It’s impossible to spend a lot on the events, play games, and not feel hungry. So, to quiches your hunger, we have a food corner that provides tasty and yummy food to all participants and visitors.

Let your kid grow, explore and discover by partaking in exciting and fun activities at the Annual Craft Fair.

The event will be commenced on Saturday, Dec 4, 2021, from 9 am to 3 pm at Patton Ville High School.

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