Build a sales career, becoming a sales professional with Mark Sclaire Sales Training, Coaching & Motivation

Mark Sclaire, one of Dubai’s leading sales coaches, has dedicated his career to giving sales teams and individuals the support they need to achieve the success they deserve.

Throughout the sales cycle, the involvement of the sales person is becoming less and less – with automated systems filling the roles that once needed human interaction.

What can people do about this? Is there still a need for sales people? Mark Sclaire believes that if one can upskill and offer a consultative sales approach, where the focus is on understanding the client’s problems through asking questions, listening to the client, and then presenting a solution, that salesperson will still be of value.

This takes dedication, patience, and practice. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. By following the framework and roadmap that Mark has laid out from his 15 years of experience in the sales industry, people can have the career they have always wanted. Through a guided discovery and facilitator approach, Mark Sclaire Sales Training, Coaching & Motivation develops people so they can be the ultimate sales professional, rise up the ranks and get the recognition they deserve.

Among the training he offers are on consultative selling, objection care, selling ethically, building confidence, communication skills, developing business relationships, Listening and negotiation skills product, whilst helping businesses with Customer Journey and experience.

Committed to offering value first, Mark has had people champion and support him throughout his career as a sales person and leader. While his hard work and dedication have led him to win many awards and receive promotions, accomplishing all of it in an ethical way is what he’s most proud of.

“There are many ways to be ‘successful’ but to do it in way where others benefit is truly rewarding.”

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About Mark Sclaire Sales Training, Coaching & Motivation

Mark Sclaire Sales Training, Coaching & Motivation is a British-owned company, 13 years living in the UAE, With 15 years experience in the Sales Industry, his knowledge is first hand. this is important because he understands the challenges people face and knows solutions that can be applied. Providing clients the support they need to structure and drive forward their Sales division – upskilling their sales teams so they’re capable of being of value and solving the clients problems.

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