Simply SHE Empowers Women How to Slay and Hustle with Grace and Confidence

Simply SHE Empowers Women How to Slay and Hustle with Grace and Confidence

The modern woman today is a far cry from the woman she was perceived to be many generations ago. Today, a woman can dream of being anyone she wants to be while savoring the joys of raising a family, exploring her full potential, building a successful career, and making a lasting impact on people. That woman is the same person that Simply SHE intends to promote through its coaching program that helps women find their purpose, brand their expertise and build a sustainable business.

For women who already own their own businesses, Simply SHE is an effective and powerful motivator that will equip them further with sales strategies, management techniques, and workflow processes to make their operations simpler and more systematic. Whether it is individual coaching or group business coaching, each coaching series is carefully and uniquely prepared to maximize the experience of participants. The advantage of joining group business coaching is that participants get to have shared experiences. They can draw insights and strategies from each others’ experiences and pick the ones that would be most useful in their industry. Two of the most important objectives of each coaching session is improving leadership capabilities and encouraging accountability.

The individual business coaching, on the other hand, is highly recommended for women who are either running a newly established business or those who have been entrepreneurs for quite some time now and want to be able to revisit their business goals. The coaching sessions want to help women remove the roadblocks to their personal success. They also empower participants to identify potential barriers that are keeping their businesses from reaching their full potential.

Krystal’s signature group coaching program, the Brand BuildHER Blueprint, empowers women entrepreneurs to gain clarity and confidence in their brand so that they can build a 6 Figure-Plus business through strategy and systems. Elements of a strong brand include a clear brand identity, community, core values and products or services that truly provide a solution to client needs. Krystal teaches how to create a premium brand experience for your clients through community-building and an aligned product suite.

Women can also avail themselves of a wide array of resources, including the Slay Hard Everyday Workbook, Project MaximizHER, and the SHE is Confident Course, which is a four-day video training and workbook altogether. All of these resources are designed to help women break free from their limiting mindsets and discover more of their potentials.

Certified life coach, brand strategist and thriving entrepreneur Krystal Vernee created Simply SHE to see more women experience fulfilment in life. She is an engineer by profession, but she discovered her special gift for entrepreneurship, inspiring her to establish her ventures, Divas & Dolls Fitness and Cirque Sensual. Her pole and aerial dance studios were created to give women a safe space where they can be free to express themselves and explore new possibilities without fear of rejection.

To reach as many women as she can, Krystal also created the Simply SHE podcast. This is intended to be another form of support system for women where they can get relevant information on advancing their career, managing their households, starting a business, and accumulating wealth. The podcast also promotes the importance of self-care and self-love. Many times, due to the overwhelming number of responsibilities that women take on, they tend to overlook their need to relax, unwind, and pamper themselves. Krystal helps them strike a healthy and productive work-life balance that will guide them in managing their time and setting their priorities right. The weekly podcast also features some of the business industry’s leading women and gives them a platform to share their personal journey to encourage other women. For Krystal, it is very important that women continue to stick together and cheer one another on.

Just recently, Krystal embarked on yet another phenomenal project which involves 25 powerful women who have had inspiring and life-changing experiences worth sharing. All their amazing life lessons are revealed in the book titled Becoming an Unstoppable Woman: 25 Strategies to Help You Achieve the Unstoppable Mindset. The book was published by She Rises Studios, a community of women leaders who have risen above adversity while they continue to grow, expand their knowledge, and elevate their skills. The studio also has a podcast hosted by co-founders Hanna Olivas and Adriana Luna Carlos.

Krystal’s chapter in the book is titled She Wasn’t Afraid of the Fire, She Was the Fire. It is a detailed account of how she began in the business industry and what she did to overcome the challenges that came with it. Ultimately, Simply SHE and all of Krystal’s other projects and ventures are a reflection of her deep passion for helping women. Just as she has found her footing in business, she is confident that other women are more than able to do the same.

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