Packing Service Inc., Shares Tips to Choose Wooden Crate for Shipping

Dec 8, 2021 – Miami, FL, USA – From running a business to relocating, everyone needs crating services at some point. It’s shocking to know that many business owners are not aware of the fact that there are various shipping options, at least not until they start looking for them in the first place. Additionally, these options can be overwhelming. 

Despite all this, some keynotes need to be considered during the selection process. This guide has outlined the best tips that help in speeding up the process while selecting the most ideal nationwide shipping services.

Top 5 tips 

  1. Opt for Treated Materials

In the world of the crate and lumber industry, “treated” is supposedly referring to the “treatment of materials with heat.” In this process, pests are killed without using any kind of chemicals including insects. With the heat treatment, the wood becomes resistant to fungal infections. These materials are suggested most often, especially if there are goods that need to be shipped internationally. 

Additionally, these heat-treated woods are eco-friendly and do not involve influencing any kind of foreign pests in the ecosystem. Consider using them even if shipping domestically as it will help in delivering goods to the desired location safe and sound.

  1. Find the Right Size

One of the most crucial aspects before opting for any kind of packaging service – is to determine the size of your goods and find the appropriate box to pack them. This factor will help in narrowing down the list as not many crating companies have the size of crates similar to goods.  For individuals or businesses trying to ship extremely large or extremely small goods then finding the right crating company with the same sized crates is optimal.

  1. Pre-Plan for Unpacking

Before packing any goods, it is prominent to know the right way to unpack them without causing any damage to the goods. To do so, the containers need to be of the fit for the goods while having an easy way to close and open. Though, you will find various crates with unique openings. Try to opt for crates that have an easy opening and closing rather than a fancy one. For instance, metal shipping crates have locks for opening and closing and wooden crates need crowbars for doing the same.

  1. Pallet-Style Base

One of the most simplest and efficient crates are the ones with the pallet-styles bases. From easy to move and made of strong materials these are highly recommended. At the same time, their shipping does not need much chaos. On the other side, it is also easy for suppliers to load and unload them, reducing the excess cost on labor and shipping.

  1. Access to Crate

Don’t get confused, this step is a lot more different than planning. In this step, it is important to know the appropriate way to open the crates. Let’s say, during the shipment process of fragile or liquid goods, it is important to ensure that they are tightly secured from the opening side. This will reduce the chances of getting them leaked or damaged.

In case, if there are more questions after reading this blog then consider speaking with some of the best pack and ship services. It is easy to find them online by just searching for them on Google and contacting them.

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