R.T Singer Thrills Readers With Exciting Combination Of Action, Adventure & Galaxy Wars In Celestial Empire

Intriguing tale that revolves around warring worlds where impending evil is set to bring horror to the galaxy

Renowned author, R.T Singer is giving readers an exceptional world of adventure with his book, Celestial Empire. Celestial Empire is an intriguing tale that revolves around warring worlds where a spawned evil is set to bring horror to the galaxy. Celestial Empire is a fictional story filled with action, adventure, and war. Readers get to see how an alliance of reptilian races seeking to conquer the galaxy faces off against an immortal warrior race.

In this action and adventure-packed novel, Singer takes his readers through several communities in the galaxy that have lived in seclusion for millions of years until a new evil emerges from a faction of warring worlds that would bring horror to the galaxy that was once peaceful. With each page, readers’ interest is sparked as the reptilian Rapturans face the feline Trivarins with the big question on which race will win the conflict.

Published on September 3, 2016, a section of Celestial Empire’s summary reads, “As Raptura’s technological prowess grows, its ruler, Sancura, begins seeking out allies to help him conquer more of the galaxy. When the Rapturans encounter the world of Reptillon, an alliance is formed that will threaten the entire galaxy. But when the combined might of the Reptilians and Rapturans leads to the destruction of an entire planet and the deaths of trillions, other worlds band together to resist their tyranny.”

With the start of the galactic conflict aka the Blood War, Singer intrigues readers with how a race of immortal beings known as the Sirrouns join the battle with nothing left but time to determine whether their intervention will stop the spread of Reptilian conquest in the galaxy.

“Loved it from cover to cover. The author has talent, and looking forward to his next book. A MUST READ!!!, says Kennith L Taylor who describes Celestial Empire as a great book.

“This is a very intriguing story. I am looking forward to the next book!” says Mrs Z another reader.

With over 386 pages, Celestial Empire is currently available for purchase on Amazon in two different forms. A soft copy of Celestial Empire on Kindle goes for $3.99 and on paper back for $21.95.

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