Funnel Stream is helping users convert more visitors into paying customers with its powerful all-in-one CRM suite

Funnel Stream gives users everything they need to build sales funnels, capture, and follow up on leads, generate sales, and so much more in one complete CRM suite.

Funnel Stream is more than just a platform for creating sales funnels. It is a comprehensive online CRM suite packed with all the tools that online businesses need to fully automate the marketing process and develop strategic campaigns that convert their web site visitors into paying customers.

“Most online business owners today must subscribe to multiple third-party software products, then duct tape them together in an attempt to get their different systems to talk to each other and achieve their marketing goals,” explains spokesperson for the company Mark Neveceral.

“Funnel Stream changes all that. Our fully automated marketing suite enables you to quickly build web sites and sales funnels that are geared to boost lead generation and sales with one click upsells, downsells, bump offers, checkout offers, and so on.” 

“Our drop-and-drag page editor makes it possible for you to create stunning looking, enticing web sites and sales funnels in minutes by choosing from our extensive library of templates and styles,” says Mark.

Complete automated system from capturing leads to paying customers 

Funnel Stream also features:

• A CRM which allows users to keep track of contacts and create pipelines that automatically move customers through the sales funnel,

• A dashboard that gives users an overview of where their leads are, and how much income has been generated during each phase of a customer’s journey.

“Funnel Stream considers every aspect of the customer’s journey. You can create member sites that sell virtual products and generate revenue from monthly subscriptions. Or develop and sell your online courses and generate revenue by selling access to your expertise or someone else’s expertise. Or design and integrate online appointments, forms, surveys, and calendars in any of your web sites or sales funnels. It’s all automated, so you don’t need to lift a finger.”

“Funnel Stream helps you initiate follow-up campaigns and nurture leads by sending automated emails, SMS blasts, and two-way text messages based on a wide range of triggers. And even add text-based live web chats,” continues Mark.

Funnel Stream also integrates with Stripe so you can collect customer payments on websites, funnels, and even when someone books an online appointment.

“If your selling strategy ends at checkout, you’re losing a lot of money. What’s the point in spending all that time and resources driving traffic to your online store, only to get a small portion of the revenue you really should be getting?” asks Mark.

“The difference between Funnel Stream and other web building platforms is Funnel Stream is designed to convert your visitors into paying customers and maximise the value of every sale without blowing your marketing budget.”

“Funnel Stream can save you hundreds of dollars in by replacing your various third-party app subscriptions with a customizable, fully automated and affordable marketing suite that has everything you need to convert more leads into paying customers and massively increase your average order value by up to ten times or more,” concludes Mark.


Funnel Stream is a comprehensive online CRM suite that equips online businesses with all the tools they need to fully automate the marketing process and create strategic campaigns that convert more web site visitors into paying customers, massively increasing their average order value.

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