360 Smart Life Makes Its Appearance with Household Robot Vacuum Cleaners at Nobel Vision. Open Innovations 2.0 Forum and Exhibition

Open Innovations 2.0 Forum was held on December 7th at the Skolkovo Innovation Center, Russia, which over the past nine years has become one of the leading discussion platforms on innovation topics in the country and in the world. It showcases the main trends and achievements in the field of innovative economy.

360 Smart Life Group, as one of the representatives of China’s innovative companies, participated in this exhibition and highlighted its superior products of C series and S series of robot vacuum cleaners, which attracted great attention of the audience.

360 Smart Life applies advanced automated driving technology to robot vacuums, endowing the products with a stronger sense of the surrounding environment and motion control. It takes the lead to promote the strong selling points of “will not get lost” and “will not bump into furniture”. In addition to hardware, the App experience of 360 Smart Life is in the same industry-leading level with functions like no-go zone, multi-floor interaction, and designated area cleaning.

360 Smart Life has been actively expanding its business in Russia since 2019 and has achieved impressive results. With the great efforts in the Russian market in the past year, the 360-brand robot vacuum cleaner currently has a 5% market share in the local market (source: GfK Data). At the same time, 360 Smart Life has won the bid for the smart home brand of Russia’s largest service provider, and its robot vacuum cleaners are expected to spread all over more than 1500 offline stores.

As a leading smart hardware provider, 360 Smart Life is committed to creating a safe and smart life for people all around the world. “With our strength in AI and cloud computing technology, 360 Smart Life have carried out subversive innovations in children’s watches and video doorbell products and conducted experiential innovations in smart cameras, driving recorders, robot vacuums, and other products to continue to satisfy users. We are committed to bringing a comfortable smart life experience to the users in China and Russia,” said Yuri Katsiyaev, Representative of 360 Smart Life from diHouse, when he gave a presentation at the promotion conference.

In the future, 360 Smart Life will continue to focus on family scenarios and bring more users a safe, healthy, and smart life experience.

About 360 Smart Life

360 Smart Life Group is a business group under 360 that focuses on R&D and innovation of smart devices and IoT solutions. It is committed to creating a safe and smart life for people all around the world and has created many successful smart products in home security, smart home, smart wearables, smart travel, safe communities, etc. Meanwhile, 360 Smart Life Group has offered competitive IoT solutions for companies in smart retail, video cloud platforms, and hotel apartment management fields, by combining the powerful 360 Security Brain with business scenarios.

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