Building a Better Tomorrow by Challenging Conventional Thinking through Tony Malzone for Human Development

How Human Development Advocate Tony Malzone carries out meaningful human development work through a unique interdisciplinary social science collective think tank.

From improving systems to ensure employee efficiency to designing spaces where teams can collaborate and work harmoniously, Tony Malzone believes that having a deeper understanding of how individuals and social institutions interface will help encourage greater synergies and drive social transformation on a global scale. His interest in human development, particularly within the realms of education, organizations, and interpersonal dynamics, led him to start Tony Malzone For Human Development – an interdisciplinary social science non-profit collective think tank united in a mission to research and develop human capabilities.

According to Tony, his motivation to carry out human development work is his desire to spark change – “to lead and prepare individuals and organizations to challenge conventional thinking, to bridge the gap within their communities, to build a future we all can enjoy.”

Tony Malzone for Human Development collects information by finding applications in what would traditionally be seen as everyday life – daily interactions at school, work, and even at home. By partnering with individuals and organizations with various specialties, their collective can effectively study different areas and distribute the knowledge they are learning to others.

Through this platform, Tony and his team are working to develop educational, organizational, and interpersonal best practices through direct organizational involvement, contracted consulting, policy, research, and report writing. Dedicated to spreading awareness and opening up conversations to encourage thought, they also conduct lectures, think tanks, incubators, and other outreach initiatives.

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About Tony Malzone

Tony is an Advocate for Human Development, Leader & Educator of Social Science & Public Service. His work specializes in the practical applications of the human development index, particularly within the realms of educational, organizational, and interpersonal development. Tony has developed himself as an independent local leader and educator. Through his work, he is involved with numerous education, community service, and business ventures. Tony is proud of the legacy he continues to build and is humbled by the opportunities it has brought to him.

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