How the Start Up Ipanema Valley is Disrupting the Food Industry

Wild Banana Mass: The Answer to the Food Industry.

December 10, 2021 – In Brazil, tons of banana waste is produced everyday. Up to 50% of bananas don’t make it to supermarkets because they’re deemed imperfect on the outside. However, on the inside, they’re perfectly fine to eat. This unfortunately poses a heavy financial loss for farmers and also a negative ecological impact on our planet.

Now one company has a solution that gives new life to these bananas that would otherwise be wasted. Ipanema Valley, is a food start up with operations in Toronto, Canada and Brazil. They buy these imperfect bananas and transforms them into a plant based super food known as Banana Mass.

Banana mass is an ultra pure substance made by compressing bananas by 80% to increase flavour, nutrient density and shelf life. They use it to make rich banana squares that Ipanema Valley calls Banana Brownies due to their fudgy centre even though they have made from 100% fruit. It’s a process that took 3 years to develop and over 1000 batch experiments to get just right.

In the midst of a food industry that can stock shelves with questionable items at times, Ipanema Valley’s Banana Brownies are ground breaking. In that, their plant based innovation curbs food waste, provides a more sustainable business model to small scale farmers and upcycles something truly wholesome and delicious.

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