Book Launch: Trieshay’s Silver Spoon by Tiera Newhouse

Newly released romance novel Trieshay’s Silver Spoon by Tiera Newhouse is a gripping coming-of-age tale that takes readers through a rollercoaster of emotions—from feelings of love to the pain of heartbreak to show the life-changing power of self-love.

Primarily targeting the audience of young adolescents, Trieshay’s Silver Spoon revolves around a plot that offers something for everyone—but particularly for romantics-at-heart who are just beginning to explore the world, especially in terms of love and romantic relationships. Newhouse, the up-and-coming writer, artfully takes her readers through a memorable journey of discovering self-love after experiencing intense heartache.

This novel is a work of fiction inspired by Newhouse’s personal life, making the book vivid and rich with an emotional depth relatable to the readers. This gripping read will be available in paperback, hardcover, and e-book format at Amazon, Kindle, Google Books, and Barnes and Nobel.

The story follows the life of the captivating Trieshay, who gives birth to a beautiful baby with the man she believes to be the love of her life, Destry. To her complete surprise, Destry leaves her stranded and heartbroken soon after. This life-changing event causes upheaval in her life. Still, as she moves forward, Trieshay starts a journey of self-discovery post-heartbreak, eventually finding the love she truly deserves through internal validation and acceptance.

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Trieshay’s Silver Spoon will resonate with young adults currently going or having gone through the universal experience of heartbreak, growing up, and facing the unexpected. Young adults are often vulnerable to emotional turmoil because they are at a point in life when friendships and romantic bonds are rapidly changing. These changes are even more exemplified in modern times as young adults use Tinder, Bumble, or OkCupid, dating platforms that often offer instant gratification without long-term emotional investment. This book will serve as a reminder to search for quality rather than chase an illusion of perfection. It teaches the readers to prioritize themselves by realizing that ‘you are the only true constant in your life.’

The author believes that self-love helps people discover themselves and realize their worth, such that they don’t need validation from anyone else. People have become too dependent on the outside world to feel treasured—they’ve begun to crave external validation and love, which may sometimes prove to be dangerous. The way a person loves themselves displays how they wish to be treated by others. Being able to love yourself without depending on others unlocks the potential to find compassionate, sincere, and empathetic love.  

This refreshing novel by Newhouse adds to the voices of writers telling stories that matter and deliver a life-changing message. Keep on a lookout for the release of this awaited novel; it is a great read that the reader will not want to put down for a second. 

About the Author

Tiera Newhouse is an up-and-coming author and a business-minded individual who has found success in unlocking the potential of personal validation and happiness. She takes pride in her passions and wants to explore the topics of self-love, relationships, and journeying through life.

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