Mom of Two Founds Business to Provide Ethically and Sustainably Made Wooden Toys and Baby Gifts

Abel’s Workshop, LLC provides age-appropriate, long-lasting toys designed to encourage imaginative play.

The large number of mass-produced plastic toys in the market is a source of frustration for many parents. These items have a short lifespan, are harmful to the environment and are often manufactured in an unethical manner. That’s why Kayleigh Allery, a young mom of two, started Abel’s Workshop, LLC, a manufacturer and distributor of sustainable, ethically-made, chemical-free, and durable wooden toys.

“Our intentionally simplistic toys support children’s cognitive development by allowing them to safely engage with the toy in a variety of creative ways. Unlike many toys on the market that complete tasks for the child or overstimulate young children with bright lights and loud sounds, ours do not,” says Kayleigh.

The toy industry is one of the biggest sources of plastic pollution worldwide. Every year, tons of plastic waste from discarded, broken toys fill the landfill and oceans. By supporting the wooden toys from Abel’s Workshop, consumers reduce plastic pollution and help ensure a healthier planet for the future generation. Wooden toys last longer than plastic waste, so parents do not need to buy them often, helping parents save more money over time as well.

Moreover, compared to mainstream plastic toys, Abel’s Workshop toys are consciously designed to encourage imaginative play. This develops children’s problem-solving and socialization skills and enables opportunities to make sense of the world around them. Through pretend scenarios, children also learn to build their self-confidence.

The company’s selection of wooden toys include rattles, trains, trucks, and more. Several of their items can be personalized as well, making them the perfect heirloom gifts. Explore Abel’s Workshop here:

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