My Simple Divorce Online assures 100% online no-court divorce in Florida in just 30 days

My Simple Divorce Online assures a simplified form of divorce for Florida parting couples through a 100% no-court online divorce filing service.

Miami, FL – December 10, 2021 – No more wasting thousands on legal fees for simple uncontested divorce. Leading Miami-Dade based divorce document preparation company, My Simple Divorce Online, is helping parting couples to attain a faster, more convenient, and more affordable divorce than ever through 100% online no-court divorce filing service. The company generally helps couples to attain the divorce in as little as 30 days. 

My Simple Divorce Online caters to couples residing anywhere in Florida. 

“Divorce is a traumatic process for any parting couple. Worse, the process becomes ever more daunting when you have to count the attorney and court fees for the procedure. But, you don’t really need to pay thousands in legal fees if it’s a simple uncontested divorce and we are here to help you out here”, stated Leslie Alvarado, the founder of My Simple Divorce Online.  

“As our name says, we help parting couples to attain simple divorce online. We will conduct the entire process at a basic nominal fee so that you don’t have  to waste your time in courts. We assure you a seamless 100% online and no-court divorce proceeding at a fraction of cost than what it takes to process your divorce through the traditional route.”

Per the statements of Mr. Alvarado, the whole process is conducted over just 5 simple steps. 

As a client signs up for 100% online divorce with My Simple Divorce Online, s/he would be given a questionnaire. The client would have to choose the preferred form of divorce s/he wishes to file. My Simple Divorce Online is flexible to help out with all the major types of divorces- Divorce With Children, Divorce Without Children, and Missing Spouse Divorce. 

The next step is to make the payment. The company accepts PayPal for client protection. 

Once the client submits both the questionnaire and the payment, My Simple Divorce Online will start working on the divorce papers and send the personalized divorce papers to the client in as little as 24 hours.  If a particular divorce proceeding involves minor children, it might take additional 2-3 days to send the divorce papers to the client. 

Upon receiving the personalized divorce papers, the client will simply need to sign the papers and notarize the documents. Now, the client would just have to send the documents by email, fax, or mail (or in-person) to My Simple Divorce Online. Once received, the company will file the divorce electronically on behalf of the client. Clients will receive email confirmation from the court after the divorce is filed.  

“We are backed by a seasoned team of document-preparers with extensive experience in successfully filing divorces online. Over the years, we have worked for thousands of clients and we promise you a highly credible online divorce filing service for you as well.” 

The company offers a 100% Refund Guarantee as per which it will return the entire money to clients if their documents are not accepted by the court.

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