Internet Removals Helps Thousands Of Victims Remove Private or Leaked Images on Google

Internet Removals Helps Thousands Of Victims Remove Private or Leaked Images on Google

“How to remove images from google”

Despite our incessant harping on the importance of women’s protection, how safe do women feel in society these days, whether in public or online?

With the advancement of technology, online abuse against women has become more prevalent than ever. On a regular basis, we hear about various organisations on platforms like Telegram, Reddit, and others that distribute private photos and videos of women without their agreement, some of them are even minors. When something like this happens, everyone’s first instinct seemed to be to blame the women, rather than the males, for sharing the photos.

Cyber Harassment Case

Internet Removals, an organisation that aims to assist victims of cyberspace abuse or online reputation management, recently reached out to Cleverus and shared one such situation they had to deal with when the ex of a Malaysian woman decided to take revenge on her by posting her non-consensual intimate pictures on Telegram, which quickly spread to other online platforms. She had to relocate to another state and change her name in order to move on with her life.

She attempted to seek assistance from the police and lawyers, but they were only able to provide little assistance. The woman became frustrated and contacted Internet Removals.

About Internet Removals, An Online Reputation Management Company

Jennifer Lee* (name changed for privacy reasons) from the company spoke to us about the company’s Internet Removals division, which offers services such as online content removal, review management, content monitoring and more.

Jennifer Lee mentioned to us, “since the pandemic, we constantly receive enquiries to remove online content related to online harassment. With the delay of the related law in Malaysia, the hope these victims have has continued to diminish during this difficult time.”

How Can You Delete Images on Google?

At Internet Removals, they assist their customers in petitioning Google or the source to delete online information such as images or videos based on legal principles. Internet Removals believes they have reasons in assisting the victims with removals if the client believes the content is inaccurate, deceptive, defamatory, infringing, or illegal in any way. Aside from that, they offer services like review management, content monitoring, and others to help an individual or corporation maintain their online presence.

The Rise Of Revenge Content On The Internet

During the epidemic, there was a spike in revenge content being uploaded to the internet for defamation simply because some people were angry with the victims or wanted to avenge them.

Some of the victims had suicidal thoughts as a result of this. Internet Removals strives to persuade internet platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, and others to take action and implement more stringent controls when it comes to allowing this type of content to be shared on their platforms.

The Internet Removals team hopes to raise awareness so that government officials and legislators understand the significance of online harassment and are motivated to enforce laws against it.

If you have ever been the victim of your photos being shared online without your permission, contact Internet Removals, and they’ll walk you through the process.

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