Taka Original 2021 Winter Collection: Sold Out within 15 minutes of going live on the website.

The most popular brand among Generation Z and TikTokers, TAKA Original flips the Traditional Streetwear Fashion on its head with Anime Collections.

London, England – Generation Z likes it trendy yet classic. They like mixing the hit of Retro-Vintage Clothing with the latest fashion. Pleated top, 90s accessories paired with anti skinny jeans. This Generation likes to try the odds out. They have created their own rules of style, recreating fashion like never before. A modern take on anime apparel has also been welcomed by the influencers who are loving it. Taka Original has the ability to turn the anime piece into aesthetic and actual clothing. With the 2021 winter collection, this project boasts Taka icons to create the fun elements, amalgamated with pockets of multiple illustrators flexing their versatility. Let the fun begin. Join in to be part of the most popular fashion brand.

The Supreme logo box T-shirt and stussy are old style streetwear. The retro striped pants with plain shirts were what the early 90s went by. Generation Z grew up and started to make changes in the fashion industry, changes like never before. Taka Originals are getting famous nowadays with their cyber wave design style. It’s the most popular gender free streetwear brand on Instagram nowadays with a following of 344k and growing, it resonates with the Instagram Generation. It creates clothing with a perfect combination of colours that make for a perfect Instagram picture. It understands the likes and dislikes of Generation Z. Targeting the audience aged 18-24, they offer high quality clothing at an unbeatable price. They are making fashion available for all. Streetwear, anime streetwear, retro wave fashion and style, they do it all! 

Taka Original is Old School-Tech inspired streetwear. It all started when the owner of this brand, pursuing her passion for street culture, quit her job in the record industry to launch Taka Original in 2015. 6 years later, the streetwear label has team members operating in New York, LA, London, Hangzhou, with Aka describing Taka as simply “Earth-based.” And when one thinks about how streetwear has gone global in recent years, that makes perfect sense.

Taka Original has a huge collection while referencing the now-antiquated tech of the ’90s. which keeps coming in every month. Generation Z’s customers know Taka Original is the place to find the perfect blend of a casual pant which is not so casual. They are on a mission to shape a better design for the streetwear industry. Apart from the clothing line, they also have accessories. Check out their collaboration with Casio and get a G-shock X Taka Original Watch now. Their exclusive range of hats and beanies, socks and bags are also loved by the customers. Taking one step at a time, Taka Original has now entered the line of home decor, their rugs are made of premium quality that will light the room up. 

We focus on the expression of subcultures and the iteration of each era and try to find some intersection in the middle,” says TAKA Original founder Aka. “We grew up watching Anime like Naruto and Bleach. There were great illustrator express the love and fun, and they can really inspire us.” According to Aka, a great fashion brand “balances art and commerce,” telling us her wants to create a “cultural exchange of fashionable youth from around the world through TAKA’s products and styles.”

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