Stabila STB is store of value and a reserve cryptocurrency for the people

Stabila is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, and more a unit of value. It wants its STB coin to be able to allow the exchange of digital assets without a middle man.

St. Vincent and The Grenadines – Stabila is a blockchain designed to help people take control of their financial tools, and make money out of it. Based in St Vincent and The Grenadines, it uses a voting system to elect governors to maintain the network and raised $7 million in its ICO.


Middle-men rule the financial system. Companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon own and control the data we all generate. That’s made those companies-in-the-middle very wealthy, and the rest of us not only out-of-pocket but unsure how and what our data is being used for.

That’s a problem Stabila wants to solve. It wants to give power back to the people – and create a way to democratize access to financial tools.

What is Stabila?

Stabila is a decentralized blockchain designed for financial ecosystem.

Like Ethereum, Stabila has its own smart contracts, DApps and a wallet. But unlike Ethereum, Stabila has limited supply like Bitcoin, and ambitions to create more sophisticated services like its own trading platform and marketplace.

Did you know?

Stabila’s total supply is 30,000,000, and supply in circulation is 20,000,000 that equates into 10,000,000 STB left for miners.

A brief history

March 2019 Stabila is founded

Feb 2021, the Moneta Holdings is established in St. Vincent and The Grenadines

May 2021, Stabila launches its own open-source protocol

Sep 2021, Stabila launches Testnet and its own web wallet

Nov 2021, Stabila elects Governors

Nov 2021, Stabila launches its Mainnet

Nov 2021, Stabila’s first genesis block is created

What’s so special about it?

Stabila’s mission is to “heal the blockchain”. It believes it can do that by deploying four main features.

Digital assets: create an ecosystem where users can own, buy and sell tokenized assets.

Companies IPOs: The ability for companies to raise funds and distribute digital assets.

More than just smart contracts: Create infrastructure to allow more complicated assets like securities, commodities.

How is Stabila produced?

Block Reward, also known as Governor Reward, which the top 21 Executives (Gs) who are elected will share a total of 2,330,657 STB in the first year.

How does Stabila work?

At the heart of Stabila is a consensus protocol known as delegated proof of stake or DPOS. On the Stabila network there are 21 Governors and 71 Executives.

Did you know?

To become a Governor on Stabila you need to raise your Executive rank. Rank is based on minimal downtime and excellent web stats.

What can you do with Stabila?

Stabila is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, and more a unit of value. It wants its STB coin to be able to allow the exchange of digital assets without a middle man.

Stabila’s STB coin acts as the ledger that keeps track of the exchanges on the network and ultimately becomes a store of value and a reserve currency.

The future

Stabila has been gathering momentum by building partnerships globally.

However, Stabila isn’t alone in its ambitions. Other smart contract platforms like EOS and Cardano also want to create similar ecosystems. Who will be the first is up for grabs. What’s more than likely is multiple platforms will co-exist alongside each other. With would finally benefit everyone.

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