Fans Pay Homage To The Japanese Anime Television Series, Attack on Titan by Starting An Official Merchandise Store As A One-Stop Shop For The Fanbase

The dark fantasy anime adaptation had viewers reeled in until its 4th season dropped. Committed fans create official merchandise shops in admiration and as a way to express their enthusiasm for the show and its creators.

USA – The anime world is unlike the English television series universe. With a diverse set of genres ranging from action-packed, military-centered anime to comedic and dramatic, for the fainter of heart, to name a few. Every viewer has their preference, but some stories stand out, regardless of what genre they’re from. Attack on Titan was one such anime that captured the attention of people around the globe and shot to stardom with its stellar graphics and thrilling story.

Attack on Titan, also known as AoT, is a Japanese dark fantasy anime television series adapted from a manga of the same name, originally written by Hajime Isayama. The 34-volume manga has been adapted into a 4 season series with 75 episodes between them. Following the story of young Eren Jeager, a human whose hometown has been destroyed by giant humanoid Titans, the story unravels by his mother getting eaten by a Titan in front of him leading him to vow to kill every single Titan. The post-apocalyptic, thriller anime received outstanding reviews from critics and fans alike, crediting its booming success.

The Official Attack on Titan merchandise store is open to customers from all walks of life, to revel in their shared love of the series. Stocking a variety of Attack on Titan merch, store owners want people to find what they’re looking for rather than having to settle for something. Their broad collection comprises Attack on Titan hoodies, accessories, cosplay outfits, figurines, backpacks, etc. A unique introduction to their collection is body pillows, also called dakimakura on their site, beginning from 3ft and going up to 6ft in size depending on customer’s wishes.

Products are filtered through two classifications. By category, where only a particular set of items will be displayed to sift through. This can help customers find their required product faster if they’ve already made up their minds. The other classification is by character. Here, people can sort items according to character designs. This function can be immensely useful for individuals looking for anything related to their favorite character in AoT. They can find Attack on Titan shirts, jackets, face masks, all relating to a particular personality from the show.

Other popular features include a ‘Design Your Own Merch’. This feature allows users the option to get their original designs and ideas printed on a base product of their choice. A great option for gifts and presents, it gives the power of choice over to the customer. An interesting read for casual browsers is blogs posted on their site. Titles like ‘Zeke’s First 10 Battles’ and ’10 Times Eren Shocked Fans’ will surely be amazing insights into the AoT universe.

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