Leading balanced dog trainer Outlier Canines brings innovative, evidence-based training tools

From basic obedience programs to behavior modification courses, US-based company Outlier Canines provides a modern and evidence-based approach to help dog owners communicate with their furry best friends.

Outlier Canines takes balanced dog training a step further by bringing game-changing dog training tools laser-focused on improving the canine-human relationship.  

“When people think about it, relationships are similar in what they require to grow, whether that’s human-to-human or dog-to-human. Well-trained canines, for example, are allowed greater freedom. That’s where Outlier Canines comes into the picture,” says founder Jose Angel Perez “Joe”. 

As a leading balanced dog trainer, Outlier Canines brings immersive dog training tools specifically designed to meet fur parents’ needs and their dogs’ learning process. At the end of the program, dogs are assured to be ready to be well-behaved members of the community. 

The organization, which prides itself on being an A.K.C. Canine Good Citizen and S.T.A.R. Puppy evaluator, offers a one-week Puppy Foundations program intended for dogs 8-weeks thru 6-months of age. It aims to teach new puppies how to integrate into homes and their new lives successfully. Dogs get to be potty trained, and kennel trained. They also learn to recognize the owner’s name, walk on a leash, and come when called. 

On the other hand, the Basic Obedience Program offers training tools tailored to every dog’s needs. Outlier Canines’ balanced dog trainers teach fur parents how to train the basic commands during weekly lessons. Dogs will learn to sit and stay, down and stay, a solid recall, the place command, and name recognition for the dog. 

“Our master trainers will also teach the dog how to walk on a leash without pulling and resolve common household matters such as bolting out the door and jumping on counters or people,” says company founder Joe.

Meanwhile, the Advanced Obedience Program takes that a step further by providing an eight-week off-leash program where Outlier Canines trainers work with fur parents and their dogs in a course that covers the basic program and in addition, learning how to deny food from strangers, the “take it” command, extended stay, and emergency down. 

At the end of eight weeks, dogs would be able to perform all these commands while on and off-leash. 

Founded in 2016, Outlier Canines is the result of a lifelong journey of the founder focused on improving the canine-human relationship. 

Joe is a Bayamon, Puerto Rico native who joined the U.S. Army right after graduating high school. He served as a combat medic for more than 16 years and deployed to support combat operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. 

During his stint, Joe worked with a wide array of combat arms units and some more elite units. This was his first exposure to military/police working dogs. 

However, due to service-related injuries, he was medically retired. This was the time when Joe decided to follow his passion and started working with dogs. 

Dog owners can schedule a 30-minute free phone consultation right away. After the talk, the Outlier Canines team can schedule a free one-on-one behavior evaluation. 

Those who want to learn more about Outlier Canines and the entire list of services it offers may visit the website for more information. 

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