Kitchen Cooktop and Range Options Now Available From DeWaard and Bode

Kitchen Cooktop and Range Options Now Available From DeWaard and Bode

When choosing a new cooktop or range, homeowners must take various factors into consideration. This includes cost, space constraints, style, and more. The following information will help in considering each factor to ensure that the right range or cooktop is selected to fit the situation.  

Range or Cooktop?

Many individuals visit to see the options available and decide they wish to have a stand-alone cooktop and separate wall oven. They find they have more flexibility when several people will be cooking at the same time. However, this option doesn’t work for everyone. 

For people with limited space, a range serves as the better option. It includes the cooktop and oven in one unit, thus it takes up less space. Nevertheless, if one entertains regularly, look into a range and double wall oven combo to ensure that everyone can be fed with ease.

Fuel Source

Next, homeowners must choose between a gas and electric unit when comparing the options at Dewaard & Bode. Some people find this choice is easy, as they don’t have gas running to the home and don’t wish to have it installed. Nevertheless, gas units provide more control over the cooking surface temperature, various types of cookware can be used with a gas appliance, and gas costs less than electricity over the lifespan of an appliance. However, gas appliances cost more at the time of purchase and can leak gas if not properly installed and maintained.

Electric units require nothing more than an electrical outlet and can be installed quite easily. Choose a smooth top surface for ease of cleaning when possible. However, electric cooktops and ranges need more time to heat, and cooks have less control over the temperature. 

Burner Output

Learn the heat output of each unit before buying, as more heat output means faster cooking times. Electric burner heat output is measured in watts, with a basic unit offering 1,000 watts of heat output. An owner may wish to upgrade and get up to 3,500 watts of heat output.

In contrast, gas burner heat output is measured in BTUs, and a standard unit provides 9,000 BTUs per burner. Choose a commercial model and receive up to 20,000 BTUs per burner. Standard units of either type come with four burners, but a homeowner may upgrade and get six or eight burners or choose a griddle, bridge insert, or another accessory. 


Cooktops need ventilation, and homeowners may choose from an updraft system or a downdraft one. Have a professional install the ducting system to vent this air outdoors. That allows the air to move outside rather than having it recirculate back into the kitchen. 

Never rush the process of choosing a cooktop or range. This appliance serves as an investment in the home, and the homeowner wants to be certain they get the right unit. By taking the above factors into consideration during the decision-making process, they find it easier to achieve this goal.

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